Hedge Fund and Insider Trading News: Edward Lampert, Stan Druckenmiller, Oaktree Capital Group LLC (OAK), Weatherford International PLC (WFT), Entasis Therapeutics Holdings (ETTX), and More

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Lampert Won’t Give Sears Another Lifeline (The Wall Street Journal)
Edward Lampert, the hedge-fund manager who controls Sears Holdings Corp., has repeatedly bailed out the struggling retailer with short-term loans. Now, he is cutting the cord. Mr. Lampert, who is Sears’s chairman, chief executive, largest shareholder and biggest creditor, doesn’t plan to lend the company money to repay $134 million in debt due Monday, according to people familiar with the matter.

Druckenmiller: The Fed is Playing ‘Jenga’ with Rate Hikes (Yahoo Finance)
Hedge fund legend Stan Druckenmiller, who runs family-office Duquesne Capital, compared the Federal Reserve’s rate hikes to a game of Jenga while speaking at a conference this week. Jenga is a game where players take turns removing one wooden block at a time using one hand from a tower comprised of 54 blocks. The game ends when a player causes the tower to collapse. “So that’s kind of how these interest rate increases and balance sheet rolling off, it doesn’t matter until it matters,” Druckenmiller said at Grant’s 2018 Fall Conference.

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Investor Increases Stake in Campbell, Advises Board Not to Name Next CEO Amid Proxy Battle (BizJournals.com)
Campbell Soup Co. plans to choose its next chief executive by the end of the year, but activist investor Daniel Loeb is advising the soup maker against it as the pursuit to replace its entire board of directors continues. Loeb and his hedge fund Third Point recently increased its stake in Campbell to nearly 7 percent, up from 5.65 percent. The hedge fund and its partners now have about a 10 percent stake in the Camden company.

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