Hedge Fund and Insider Trading News: Bridgewater Associates, Sequoia Capital, Coatue Management, Skyline Co. (SKY), Danaher Co. (DHR), ICF International Inc (ICFI), and More

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Bridgewater Associates Suffers Losses in July (InstitutionalInvestor.com)
Bridgewater Associates suffered a slight setback in July.The world’s biggest hedge fund firm posted losses in its main funds and its risk parity fund last month. Pure Alpha II, also known as Pure Alpha 18 percent, declined 1.67 percent in July, cutting its gain for the year to 4.47 percent.

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Why Sequoia And Coatue Just Poured $40 Million More Into This Data Science Startup (Forbes)
To hear Nick Elprin tell it, technology is going through a third seismic shift in computing. First, the CEO of Domino Data Lab argues, there was hardware design, better microchips that enabled computers to work faster and handle more information. Then came the claim that “software is eating the world” as applications changed how businesses of all kinds operated on desktop computers and smartphones. “Data science and companies building models, that’s the third wave,” Elprin says. The entrepreneur has a lot riding on that belief. He and cofounders Chris Yang and Matthew Granade gave up lucrative careers in finance at Bridgewater five years ago to start Domino, a software startup looking to help businesses conduct and make use of data science. And with $40 million in fresh funding from Sequoia Capital and Coatue Management, Elprin and Domino are racing to build what they think could be the Salesforce or Marketo of data science.

Private Banks Are the New Hedge Funds (Bloomberg)
Who needs hedge funds when a $2.4 trillion private bank is offering global macro trades to navigate late-cycle markets — mimicking fast-money strategies with leverage to boot. UBS Group AG’s wealth management arm, the world’s largest, is pitching just that to billionaire clients.

Investor demand for hedge funds on the upswing: Credit Suisse (Verdict.co.uk)
Hedge funds reported the largest positive swing in net demand among various asset classes, according to a survey by Credit Suisse. The study, which surveyed over 275 institutional investors worldwide, revealed investors’ rising preference for non-traditional investment products in addition to commingled accounts. Most preferred structures were separately managed accounts/funds of one, co-investments, private credit, and longer lock products.

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