Healthcare Investing Maven Hal Mintz Just Opened A Big Position In This Biotech Firm

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According to a 13G form filed with the Securities and Exchange Commission, Hal Mintz’s Sabby Management has acquired a new passive stake in OncoSec Medical Incorporated (NASDAQ:ONCS). The newly initiated position consists of 1.09 million shares, which represent 7.36% of the company’s outstanding common stock, and represents the latest healthcare stock move by the respected investor.

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Sabby Management is an activist investment firm based in New Jersey which was founded by reputable investor Hal Mintz. The hedge fund primarily invests in small-cap healthcare companies, with the healthcare sector constituting slightly more than 57% of the fund’s public equity portfolio as of March 31. According to its latest filing, Sabby Management manages a public equity portfolio worth $2.40 billion and also invests small amounts of capital in financial and technology stocks, among others. Mintz’s oversees the management of several funds under the Sabby Management umbrella including the Sabby Healthcare Volatility Master Fund and the Sabby Volatility Warrant Master Fund.

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OncoSec Medical Incorporated (NASDAQ:ONCS), a San Diego-based biotechnology company, develops technologies aimed at stimulating the body’s immune system to target and attack cancer cells. Just a few days ago, OncoSec Medical closed its registered direct offering of nearly 2.47 million shares of its common stock priced at $5.50. OncoSec intends to spend the net proceeds, amounting to approximately $12.6 million, on the company’s clinical trial expenses and R&D expenses. Despite the fact OncoSec’s shares have been trading on the NASDAQ Stock Market under the ticker “ONCS” only since May 29, 2015, the stock is up almost 18%. Moreover, the company has recently announced its financial results for the nine month period that ended on April 30, 2015. OncoSec delivered a net loss of $14.7 million, which represents a loss of $1.19 per share, compared to the $8.5 million loss reported for the same nine-month period a year ago. While OncoSec has not generated any revenue so far, the company continues to operate its business more aggressively, as the expenditures grow larger with time. It is not yet quite sure whether the company will be successful in producing worthy treatments and deliver strong revenue figures, however, the potential success of the company could save millions of lives by providing more effective cancer treatments. The market clearly believes that OncoSec has the capability to succeed in fulfilling its promise, which implies that the company might deliver strong financial performance in the upcoming years.

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