Growth & Automation: Insights from Business Consultant James Dhillon

Technology has simplified tasks by automating systems. Earlier this month we published an article about the top robotics and artificial intelligence stocks in Global X’s Robotics & Artificial Intelligence ETF (BOTZ). In a recent chat with Insider Monkey, automation geek and business consultant James Dhillon shared insights on how automation can accelerate business growth and why every agency must consider automation while expanding operations. James is the CEO of Automaters, one of the largest business development and consulting agencies in North America. Here are the excerpts:

Q: James, what is agency automation?

A: Agency automation is all about automating operations in your agency so that it’s easier for you to scale your business while running all processes efficiently.

Q: What are the processes that an agency must automate, to begin with?

A: Customer acquisition is one of the first processes that every agency must automate and get right from ground zero. Businesses can nurture a pipeline of prospective buyers or clients by automating social media ad campaigns, email marketing, automating direct messages, and using chatbots on the official website. An agency owner must always have his pipeline full.

Q: What advice would you give to small businesses or start-ups?

A: Small business or agency owners should manage things at a macro level and focus on the overall business development strategy. They must automate enrollment systems where a sales operations team keeps the focus on converting prospects into customers. Start-ups can hire sales agents or business development executives on performance-basis to manage calls and keep track of all leads and conversions. It is crucial to keep the revenue flowing while leading your agency to the next level.

Q: How can an agency scale without expanding its actual team size?

A: Associating with a white-label agency is a great way to scale your agency and expand product offerings without hiring a team on your payroll. The fulfillment process automation is driving more businesses towards higher revenues by keeping lower cost-commitments.

Q: Do you think technology can fully automate businesses?

A: Technology is just a part of automation. While businesses can automate many processes via software, algorithms, and technology, the human element is key to keeping customers happy. Hiring a virtual assistant for post-fulfillment process automation or giving additional support to customers is a part of the customer lifecycle where technology cannot fully take over.

Q: James, you’ve scaled multiple online businesses yourself, why did you choose the career you did?

A: My passion lies in building online businesses and helping others succeed where they struggle. I’m a great fan of time management, and I firmly believe that there is no point in building a seven-figure business if you can’t spare time for yourself or your family. That is why automation is quintessential so that you have room for creativity, innovation, and time to relax and see how far you’ve come!

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