Google Inc (GOOG) Updates to Keep An Eye On: Location Tracking, Security & ‘In-Depth’ Stories

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Is Google following you? Internet giant’s latest mobile operating system tracks user’s location even when Wi-Fi is switched OFF (Mail Online)

Google Inc (NASDAQ:GOOG)  latest Android phone operating system has revealed a feature that will scan for networks and track user’s locations even when Wi-Fi has been turned off. The code used to build Android 4.3 claims that ‘to improve location accuracy and for other purposes, Google Inc (NASDAQ:GOOG) and other apps may scan for nearby networks even when Wi-Fi is off.’By identifying nearby Wi-Fi networks a device can determine a user’s location and it can be used as an alternative to GPS.

Google Chrome security flaw allows access to users’ passwords (RT)

Google Inc. (NASDAQ:GOOG)A software developer has discovered a critical security flaw in the highly popular Google Chrome browser that could put the privacy of potentially millions of users at risk.

Chrome is among the most widely used browsers on the Web, but security researchers are now warning that it’s far from safe. Developer Elliot Kember from New Zealand discovered that anyone with physical access to a computer running Chrome can see any password stored in the browser without having to bypass a single security barrier.

Google Search Is Poised to Surface ‘In-Depth’ Stories, but How Will It Pick? (Time Tech)

If you use Google Search and type something current, say “Edward Snowden,” instead of seeing his Wikipedia entry (the top or near-top result for nearly any search these days) followed by images and older stories, you’ll see a brief roundup of Google News-collated stories with times (published so many minutes/hours ago) beneath the heading “News for Edward Snowden.”

A new version of Google Search in the offing riffs on both of those features to bring you what Google Inc (NASDAQ:GOOG) calling “In-Depth” results, surfaced alongside the usual ones. Search on a given topic and Google Inc (NASDAQ:GOOG) will now designate a non-sidebar area directly in the search results comprising three sources, their names highlighted in green, with a sentence or two of teaser text to the right of each article thumbnail. The idea, says Google’s Pandu Nayak in a company blog post, is to service the roughly 10% (according to Google’s research) of people looking for “more than a quick answer.”

Google Cloud Platform Adds Load Balancing To Provide More Scale Out Capability And Control To Developers (Techcrunch)

Google Cloud Platform has added new load balancing, giving Google App Engine further scale-out capabilities. Google has also added new Ruby support forDatastore and improved PHP runtime.The new load balancing feature allows developers to route traffic across a collection of servers, do health checks, automatically handle spikes in data loads and configure the load balancer via command line interface (CLI) and a programmatic RESTful API.

The new features are significant as they show the greater control that Google Inc (NASDAQ:GOOG) is giving to developers on the Google Cloud Platform, which is known for its high degree of management. Contrast that with Amazon Web Services (AWS), which gives users an open slate to build and manage their own stacks.