Google Hacking Challenge: Google Paying Out Millions to Hackers

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Google Hacking Challenge: Are you looking for a way to earn a little bit of extra money? How about a lot of extra money? Aside from investment strategies like this one, you should consider taking part in the Google Inc (NASDAQ:GOOG) Pwnium hacking challenge.

If you have the skills to crack the Chrome operating system, you could walk away with a nice bit of change in your pocket.

Google Inc (GOOG)This time around, Google Inc (NASDAQ:GOOG) has decided to make things even more interesting. In the past, the search engine giant offered up to $2 million in total prize money for any successful hack attempts. At the next event, scheduled for March at the CanSecWest security conference, the total cash reward is $3.14159 million.

Here is some information from a recent FOX News articles:

“All exploits must be delivered via webpages on a basic-model Samsung 550 Chromebook using a Wi-Fi connection.”

With all this in mind, people are probably interested in one thing: how much can a single person win? All the money is not likely to go to one person. However, here is a breakdown of payouts from an official Google Inc (NASDAQ:GOOG) Chromium blog post:

“We’ll issue Pwnium 3 rewards for Chrome OS at the following levels, up to a total of $3.14159 million USD:”

“- $110,000: browser or system level compromise in guest mode or as a logged-in user, delivered via a web page.”

“- $150,000: compromise with device persistence — guest to guest with interim reboot, delivered via a web page.”

Why Would Google Do This?

Although it may seem like a risk on the surface, Google Inc (NASDAQ:GOOG) is confident that the Chrome OS is the most secure in the entire world. It may not be as popular as other operating systems, but this has not stopped Google from touting it as the most secure that the market has to offer.

The Fox News article goes on to add information about Google’s payout being larger than rewards from the competition:

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