Google Inc (GOOG) News: Right on Gmail, Sex Party Photos, New London HQ & More

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Google Argues for the Right to Continue Scanning Gmail (Time Tech)
Google Inc (NASDAQ:GOOG)’s attorneys say their long-running practice of electronically scanning the contents of people’s Gmail accounts to help sell ads is legal, and are asking a federal judge to dismiss a lawsuit that seeks to stop the practice. In court records filed in advance of a federal hearing scheduled for Thursday in San Jose, Google argues that “all users of email must necessarily expect that their emails will be subject to automated processing.”

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Google goes to court over sex party photos (The Verge)
The former head of Formula One’s governing body is taking Google Inc (NASDAQ:GOOG) to court over photos of a role-play sex party that surfaced online five years ago. The case opened on Wednesday in Paris, where lawyers for Max Mosley urged a panel of judges to force Google to remove all images of Mosley’s sex party from its search results. As the Wall Street Journal reports, Mosley wants the search company to build software that would automatically block any pages containing the images —which he describes as a violation of his privacy — but Google has remained defiant, arguing that Mosley’s demands would result in an “unprecedented new internet censorship tool.”

Days and nights on the tiles: Google staff to get rooftop pool and track (The Guardian)
Google Inc (NASDAQ:GOOG) looks set to be given a thumbs-up by Camden planners for their not-at-all-over-the-top new London HQ opposite Guardian Towers in King’s Cross. The blueprints are for what they breathlessly describe as a “groundscraper”, apparently a word for a skyscraper on its side. Google, never one to underestimate its importance in the world, has dubbed the construction scheme, “Project Queen”. Property Week, the trade magazine, has more (behind paywall).

If Google Could Search Twitter, It Would Find Topsy (Bits)
There is no question that real-time social networks like Twitter have become an important forum for public conversation, whether the discussion is about chemical weapons in the Middle East or the dance moves of Miley Cyrus at the MTV Video Music Awards. But good luck trying to search and analyze the fire hose of information flowing through the real-time social network.

Google counters Microsoft-Nokia with a KitKat (DNA)
Competition for Microsoft-Nokia just got hotter. Or so believe observers of IT and telecom industries. A day after the $7.2 billion Microsoft-Nokia deal, Google Inc (NASDAQ:GOOG) surprised users worldwide with its announcement of KitKat, a new Android 4.4 operating system (OS) named after a chocolate brand of Nestle with which the Internet giant has forged a co-branding tie-up on Wednesday.