General Motors Unveils New EV Brand, BrightDrop

General Motors unveiled their new Electric Vehicle Brand, BrightDrop, with the EV600 as its first electric commercial delivery van together with the EP1 Propulsion-Assisted Pallet, a battery-powered package schlepper. According to GM’s CEO, Mary Barra during her virtual CES 2021 presentation, the target market for the EV600 and EP1 are the courier and delivery service companies.

The EV600 van has a 250-mile range and a fast charging time from a 120-kW DC fast charger, through the use of their Ultium battery system. It has a cargo space of 600 cubic feet, and tech features like motion sensors for a more strict security, a 13.4 inches tv like screen, and a spacious cabin walkway. The EV600 also comes with safety features like front-end and rear-end parking sensors, automatic emergency braking, and a lot more.

General Motors has allowed FedEx to purchase the first 500 units of the EV600 and also partnered with the courier company for the test use of the EP1. Findings are, the EP1 helped the workers achieve 25% more packages in a single day, and accordingly, it was simple to use and was able to reduce the physical human strain. As a result, there was a huge leap in productivity for FedEx.

The Ep1 on the other hand is a self-propelled human companion that can help in carrying parcels up to 23 cubic feet with a maximum 200 pounds load capacity. It also has cabinet doors that can be locked and shelves that can be adjusted. EP1 can also be managed remotely since it can provide real-time location data, its own battery status and also allows wireless software updates.

Meanwhile, the stock price of General Motors was pushed higher following the announcement of their newest Electric Vehicle. If GM didn’t have nearly $120 billion in debt, we would have considered buying it here.