Forex Trading 101: Everything You Need To Know About AxiTrader

Forex trading has become a popular trading solution for many investors. With so much information available about the forex market, it’s essential to know who some of the major forex brokers available to use today. Today we’ll talk about AxiTrader and everything you need to know about this company with this review. Let’s take a look.

Who Is Axitrader?

Axitrader is a Forex broker who’s made a name for themselves in the finance industry. Once traders themselves, this company expanded itself to provide professional trading solutions which are based upon years of experience. They were first founded in 2008 and have headquarters in Sydney. AxiTrader prides itself on being a high rated brokerage firm which offers 24 hour support, minimum account slippage, tight spreads, and fast trade execution.

They also offer an educational center which gives information on equity indices, various commodities and currency pairs. The charts provide information on how to interpret price fluctuations in the market using Fibonacci and Oscillator levels. There’s a number of educational videos which can be watched free of charge. There’s also daily market updates which are able to help customers make them aware of what’s happening in the Forex industry.

Forex Trading

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The Benefits Of AxiTrader

1. Use Of Great Forex Trading Platforms

AxiTrader uses one of the greater forex trading platforms that’s based on popularity. MetaTrader 4 is a software package which is used by many worldwide. The MetaTrader 4 or MT4 trading platform offered by Axitrader is suitable for traders who carry out large volume investments. This trading platform is clean and offers trading tools and charts which are clearly available.

Their trading platforms don’t just stop for computer users but also for other smartphone devices such as iPad and iPhones as well. Site navigation is appealing with the best graphical user interface that’s ideal for Forex traders. Traders also have the ability to connect with accounts and follow experienced traders who are trading in Forex via the use of Myfxbook Autotrade.

2. Low Spreads

AxiTrader is an ECN Forex broker which means they don’t use a trading desk. Instead they allow different traders to directly trade with global liquidity pools. This in the end helps to increase results by providing faster execution speeds with lower AxiTrader spreads which are highlighted by the following accounts:

– MT4 Standard Account – This account is ideal for forex trader beginners who want their trading costs to be accurate each and every time. The minimum deposit is $200 and there’s no commissions.

– MT4 Pro Account – The MT4 Pro Account is ideal for intermediate forex traders who are looking to minimise the overall spreads when trading. There’s a $7USD standard commission per round trip and the spreads tend to be a lot lower than the normal standard account.

With the versatility of Axitrader accounts, traders can choose the ones they want for their individual needs.

3. Easy Funds Withdrawal

When it comes to withdrawing funds, your AxiTrader MT4 account is fast and secure. The transaction fees are covered by the company themselves. Generally withdrawals are completed on weekdays between 9am to 3pm AEST. If you put it in after 3pm they’re processed across the following business day. To make it more convenient for traders, they allow withdrawals to Neteller, a bank account, or a credit card with regulations of anti-money laundering.  For international transfers there are fees. If you made a debit card or credit card deposit and then you choose a withdrawal within 90 days, it will automatically be processed through that same card.

Disadvantages  Of AxiTrader

1. Limited Trading Range

AxiTrader has one disadvantage and that is their limited range of assets to trade. If you’re looking to trade stocks such as ETFs, CFDs, Future markets and Options as well as Bonds then this company may not be the ideal one for you.

The Final Verdict

AxiTrader appears to be one of the most reliable brokers which are affordable in today’s industry. A high competition as one of the leading brokers it allows for quality customer support and fast paced trade executions. It provides assistance in trading in languages such as Italian, German, French, English and Spanish. If you’re a trader looking for a good broker to help you, AxiTrader may just be what you’ve been looking for.