Facebook Inc (FB)’s Oculus Rift Will Forever Change the Way We Share Media

After almost a year, we begin to understand the reason behind Facebook Inc (NASDAQ:FB) acquiring Oculus Rift. The team is currently working on a project that will definitely change radically the way we consume media. The Facebook Inc (NASDAQ:FB) team is currently developing apps that will allow users to create a virtual reality experience to be shared in their news feed. Chief Product Officer Chris Cox gives a little introduction on CNBC as to how we will interact with media.

Facebook Inc. (NASDAQ:FB)

“When you’re using Facebook, you’re just sending around little bits of experience, you’re just sending a photo, sending a video, sending a piece of text. I think the version of the world where you’re sending, you know, a fuller immersive picture of what you’re doing…,” Chris Cox said.

How exciting! Can you imagine sharing content to someone you care about with them being able to experience it almost as you did? This is coming soon but don’t hold your breath; the CPO said it will be a while before everyone will be able to have the headset. The waiting won’t make the enthusiastic users of Facebook Inc (NASDAQ:FB) turn down their excitement.

“Not a lot of people are going to get to go to Mongolia, you know, I’ve never been. But you’re in and there’s a smoky little fire by you, a woman making food. You can look around and it’s beautiful. And you immediately understand it’s like one of those things the first time you’re in it you realize that you’re looking at the future,” Chris Cox said.

With this, Chris Cox was referring to one of the demo versions launched by Facebook Inc (NASDAQ:FB) that includes the Mongolia experience where it takes you to Mongolia inside a tent with its amazing, sweeping vista. In another demo, users can virtually be inside a cockpit of an F/A Hornet that’s flying over Colorado with the U.S Navy’s demonstration squadron. Now that is going to be unbelievable when people get to view it in their timeline.

“You’ll do it, Beyonce will do it” joked Chris Cox using the pop star as a generic to imply that even celebrities will share content with these unbelievable apps Facebook is working on.

This dream-like and thrilling new feature will be a game changer for Facebook Inc (NASDAQ:FB) and really for all Facebook users. It’ll completely transform the way we share our experiences through social media.

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