Facebook Inc (FB)’s CEO Mark Zuckerberg Vs. Property Developer: Can Zuckerberg Win The Lawsuit Against Him?

Facebook Inc (NASDAQ:FB) CEO, Mark Zuckerberg might have faced a lot of lawsuits in his career, but a real estate developer, Mircea Voskerician has filed a lawsuit against Zuckerberg claiming that Zuckerberg stiffed him on the promise that he will introduce Voskerician to valuable social network. But Voskerician alleges that Zuckerberg did not fulfil the promise. David Min, Assistant Professor of Law at University Of California talked on Bloomberg TV about this case and his opinion of it.

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Min said that if what Voskerician alleges is true, it is going to be a pretty strong case against Facebook Inc (NASDAQ:FB) CEO Zuckerberg.

“[…] What he (Voskerician) is alleging is that this house was worth $4.3 million or more and that Mr. Zuckerberg wanted to buy the house and what he ended up promising was $1.7 million as a cash payment or some sort of payment along with promises to introduce him to his valuable social network and that would be more significant amounts of money. If that promise was made and if that promise was exchanged as part of this deal for purchasing Mr. Voskerician’s house, I think it definitely is a pretty strong case,” Min said.

 There are no agreement or written notes about the promises made for the deal between Facebook Inc (NASDAQ:FB) CEO, Zuckerberg and the real estate developer. Min accepted that the actual contract signed between Zuckerberg and Voskerician did not include anything about the promises. But he added that as per law, oral promises hold same merit as the written document, and he feels that it’s just a matter of how you prove that oral promise with evidences.

Min said that Voskerician is holding some valid evidence against Facebook Inc (NASDAQ:FB) CEO Zuckerberg. Min added that the time line or validity of this oral promise is very difficult to arrive at and hence Zuckerberg’s attorney might hold it as a key point in favor of Zuckerberg. But, he feels that Voskerician is requesting for deal reversal, which would imply that Voskerician would repay $1.7 million with interest to Zuckerberg and Zuckerberg would return the home to the real estate developer. He thinks that with this term, the court might device in favor of Voskerician.

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