Facebook Inc (FB) Updates: Privacy Controls, ‘Tag Suggest’ Feature & More

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Facebook to Update Privacy Policy, but Adjusting Settings Is No Easier (Bits)
Facebook Inc (NASDAQ:FB) announced Thursday that it planned to enact changes to its privacy policies on Sept. 5. But the social network’s famously difficult privacy controls will not become any easier to navigate. Mostly, the new data use policy and statement of rights and responsibilities lay out more clearly the things that Facebook already does with your personal information, Ed Palmieri, the company’s associate general counsel for privacy, said in an interview. “The updates that we are showing in the red lines are our way to better explain the products that exist today,” he said.

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Facebook may use profile pictures for facial recognition (The Telegraph)
Facebook Inc is considering using profile pictures to identify members using its controversial facial recognition technology. Facebook’s “Tag Suggest” feature currently identifies faces in newly uploaded photos by comparing them with pictures in which the users have previously been tagged. Facial recognition software is used to calculate a unique “template” based on someone’s facial features, like the distance between the eyes, nose and ears.

Facebook aims for piece of big TV ad budgets (Los Angeles Times)
Video ads beginning this fall will be targeted to Facebook Inc (NASDAQ:FB)  users by age and sex. Some analysts say consumer acceptance of TV-like video in social network environments is far from a given. Even before Facebook begins displaying splashy video ads, it’s preparing for a backlash from users like Amy Pittel. The 44-year-old writer and stay-at-home mother from Livermore, Calif., says she’s weary of being bombarded by ads on Facebook and the rest of the Internet, most of which she ignores.

Opera browser sees central role in Facebook-led Internet.org (REUTERS)
Norwegian Internet browser maker Opera Software (OPERA.OL) expects its data-light mobile phone browser will play a central role in a Facebook-led(FB.O) project aimed at bringing Internet access to third-world consumers, Opera’s CEO told Reuters. The project, called Internet.org, was launched last week by Facebook Inc (NASDAQ:FB) Chief Executive Mark Zuckerberg, who says he wants to make Internet access affordable for the 5 billion people around the world who are not online.

Facebook inches one step closer to music with update to Android app (VB Social)
Facebook Inc (NASDAQ:FB) edged one step closer to your music with a neat little update to its app on Android, which you can use to control tunes via Facebook. Don’t hold your breath for a similar feature on the iPhone. The new update enables you to control the music you’re listening to right from your lock screen, but only if you’re using Facebook’s Home feature. That means you can pause, fast forward to the next song, and rewind to previous tunes without unlocking your phone and without opening an app. The feature also works if you’re using Cover Feed, an option for some Android folk who set their lock screen to display Facebook updates.