Facebook Inc (FB) Unveils Plan For Combating Cyber Attacks Through ThreatExchange

Driven by the need of always being a step ahead of potential cyber-attacks, Facebook Inc (NASDAQ:FB) has unveiled a data sharing platform that will be used for sharing cyber threat information among companies. ThreatExchange is the platform that the giant social network intends to use to help security professionals exchange information that they can use to combat worldwide cyber threats.

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ThreatExchange was formed after Facebook Inc (NASDAQ:FB), Pinterest, Tumblr and others came together a year ago, to combat a new botnet that was using a number of social networking services to push malicious software across the internet. A face to face meeting among the parties was necessary, according to Facebook Manager for security infrastructure, Mark Hammel. But also highlighted the fact that a meeting could not be held each now and then in case of an attack.

ThreatExchange was thus born as a set of application programming or APIs that lets companies share information about any latest online attacks. The platform is already being used by the likes of Tumblr Pinterest, Twitter Inc (NYSE:TWTR) and Yahoo! Inc. (NASDAQ:YHOO) with access to the service under strict control. Plans to expand to cover other companies are also on course, seen by the recent addition of Dropbox and Bitly. Facebook Inc (NASDAQ:FB) has already open sourced a new tool that it hopes will be effective in protecting its online empire

The platform is a clear highlight of how the world is changing in terms of combating cyber threats as in the past, sharing of such information was out of the picture out of fear of tipping hackers. Facebook Inc (NASDAQ:FB) and Google Inc (NASDAQ:GOOGL) are leading on this front with others not so far behind. Rich Mogull, a security analyst at Securiosis, has given a thumbs up to the new sharing platform but also warned that success depends on determining who should have access to the system and who should not.

Opening the tool to many people will only help in spooking hackers while on the other hand keeping the pool of users too small, may limit the tool’s effectiveness according to the security analyst.

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