Facebook Inc (FB) Unveils Page Analyzer for Analyzing Page Performance

Page administrators can now analyze how their pages are faring on Facebook Inc (NASDAQ:FB) right from the amounts of likes received to reach engagement levels, as well as advertisement performance. Facebook Page Analyzer is the new tool that comes with these abilities straight from social analytics and reporting firm Locowise.

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The tool compares the performance of Facebook Inc (NASDAQ:FB) pages against similar pages on the platform to give a clear sense of which areas ought to be worked on. The tool essentially gives the strengths with regards to a given page as well as weaknesses that may need some form of improvement. If the total page size is of importance to an administrator the tool will be able to provide the required metrics.

The number of people that reach pages on Facebook Inc (NASDAQ:FB) is usually of importance to administrators as it always goes a long way to dictate the amount of revenue they get from advertisement. The quality of content posted on a given page is also of importance in attracting huge following while keeping people engaged.

If the number of people accessing a given page on a daily basis is lower than the average, then there may be need to change the content and the way it is published. An administrator may also be forced to look for a suitable day and time where more audience is online for the posting of new content as one of the ways of having an effect on engagement levels.

Facebook Inc (NASDAQ:FB) Page Analyzer also gives the number of people who actually engage with any content posted which is a true reflection of the quality of content that is posted. The tool also comes with a gain-to-loss metric which shows the number of valuable ‘likes’ that a page receives as well as ‘likes’ lost a reflection of a page’s growth rate. The metric also tells the number of fans who ‘unliked’ a page at a given time; too many ‘unlikes’ at a given time could be an indication of something serious with the brand image or content.

The number of negative feedbacks that a Facebook Inc (NASDAQ:FB) page receives ranging from actions such as ‘post hides’, ‘unlike’ to spam reports could help shed more light on the quality of content on offer.

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