Facebook Inc. (FB) Product Head Leaves Due to Uncoolness?

Rather quietly, a Facebook Inc. (NASDAQ:FB) executive resigned Friday, and his departure note  may or may not give a glimpse into where Facebook is going.

Blake Ross, who has been a prominent person at various Facebook Inc. (NASDAQ:FB) events in the role of director of product, posted on Facebook – of all places – that he is leaving the company after six years. The social network has had no comment on the departure, and Ross so far only said he was leaving to “try new things.”

Maybe that makes sense, since he has been working in new things across his resume, which he admits started when he was 14 at Netscape. Before his six years with Facebook Inc. (NASDAQ:FB), Ross was a co-creator of the Mozilla Firefox project and played a major role in the development of the Firefox browser. He joined Facebook in 2007 after the company bought his startup called Parakey, which was designed to streamline hard drives and the tools that are used with e-mail, video and photo sharing.

Facebook Inc (NASDAQ:FB)Perhaps Ross is truly a guy who wants to try cool “new things.” While he might have been tongue-in-cheek when he wrote his resignation post on Facebook Inc. (NASDAQ:FB), but he did write, “I’m leaving because a Forbes writer asked his son’s best friend Todd if Facebook was still cool and the friend said no, and plus none of HIS friends think so either, even Leila who used to love it, and this journalism made me reconsider the long-term viability of the company.”

His other reason, though, was this (tongue firmly planted in cheek): “Also because, after scaling a website in a dorm room to a platform connecting a billion people in 196 countries through revolutionary high-efficiency auto-cooling datacenters, you guys will probably never figure out how to sell a Quiznos turkey club on a phone.”

How do you think this resignation will affect Facebook Inc. (NASDAQ:FB) in the coming weeks and months? How valuable was Ross’ contributions to the company, in your opinion? We’d like your thoughts in the comments section below.

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