Facebook Inc (FB) News: Twitter-Like Feed, CMO David Fischer, News Outlets Access & More

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Facebook Opens Twitter-Like Feed (The Wall Street Journal)
Facebook announced on Monday its latest bid to unseat Twitter as the hub for real-time online conversations: giving a few media partners the ability to tap into its “public feed” of all the Facebook posts that are made public by members. That means companies such as CNN and Slate will be able to see a real-time list of public posts related to certain keywords.

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Facebook CMO David Fischer Is Thinking Global (All Facebook)
Facebook Inc (NASDAQ:FB) Chief Marketing Officer David Fischer is thinking global, saying at K8: Kenshoo Global Client Summit in Sausalito, Calif., Monday that as the social network’s user base increases in countries, ad revenue growth is rising in tandem. According to Fischer, the engagement rates in those markets is high, as well, meaning that not only is the social network’s user base growing, but those users are active.

Yahoo and Facebook file lawsuit against NSA over user data requests (The Economic Times)
As more details emerge about how the government spies on online data, technology companies are escalating their efforts to publicly disclose information about government data requests. On Monday, Yahoo! Inc. (NASDAQ:YHOO) and Facebook Inc (NASDAQ:FB) each filed suit in the secret Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Court to ask the government for permission to reveal information about the number and types of national security requests for user data that the companies receive. On the same day, Google and Microsoft, which filed suit in June to ask for this permission, amended their petitions to compel the government to publish even more detail about the requests.

Facebook Gives News Outlets Access to the Public Data Stream (Marketing Pilgrim)
The next time you watch the news on CNN, the Facebook Inc (NASDAQ:FB) comments you see could be your own. As of this morning, CNN, NBC’s Today Show, Slate, Buzzfeed and BSkyB were all granted access to Facebook’s Public Feed API and the Keyword Insights API. The Public Feed API allows the news outlet to see, and presumably air, all public Facebook posts related to a keyword. The Keyword Insights API takes all of those mentions, likes and shares and returns the totals by day, location, gender, age, etc. For example, 19 million people mentioned the UFO over Kentucky. 10 million were men over 35 and half were located outside of the US.

Africa: Facebook’s Internet Drive Welcome, but Lacking Detail (All Africa)
Last month’s launch of Internet.org – a partnership of multinational media and technology companies that aims to provide universal Internet access – has been greeted with cautious optimism by experts. The initiative is spearheaded by Facebook Inc (NASDAQ:FB), and aims to connect the rest of the world to the Internet by developing new technology, improving data transmission efficiency and boosting incentives for businesses to expand affordable access.