Facebook Inc (FB) News: Porsche 911 Designed by Fans, Story Bumping, WhatsApp for PC Scam & More

Porsche lets Facebook fans design a special edition 911 Carrera 4S (New York Daily News)
Call it the Wikipedia of Porsches. The Facebook Porsche 911 was designed by more than 54,000 Facebook fans of the automaker, ending up with a Facebook blue 911 with black and white racing stripes. Of course, the doors are embellished with the words ‘5m Porsche Fans’ and an aluminum dashboard trip with the phrase ‘Personally built by 5 million Porsche fans.’ Porsche will select the winner of the car by selecting a Facebook fan with the largest number of other Porsche fans.

Mark Zuckerberg thinking friendsFacebook Changes News Feed To Bump Up More Relevant Content (Forbes)
Facebook Inc (NASDAQ:FB) has made changes to its News Feed to help users see more relevant content. Called “Story Bumping,” the changes move up older stories to the top of a user’s News Feed if they missed them during a previous visit to Facebook. Previously, Facebook only posted the newest stories at the top of the feed to keep the freshest content at the top. Now those pictures of mom’s cat photos that are older can appear at the top. That addresses an issue where people would miss stories because they are “bumped down” if they missed them the first time because they didn’t scroll down. The changes have launched on Facebook on desktop but haven’t launched on all mobile devices yet.

Facebook Inc (FB): With Zuck Talking, Will This Key Policy Issue Gain Traction? (Insider Monkey)
Facebook Inc (NASDAQ:FB) is just one of many tech companies that has decried the federal government’s H-1B visa program over the years – the program that many tech companies (and others) use to recruit and hire foreign workers and engineers – saying that there are far more qualified, talented people than there are visas that the government allots each year. Facebook Inc (NASDAQ:FB) CEO Mark Zuckerberg has been an active advocate for reforming the visa system for years, but revealed in recent months that since he helped found the lobbying group FWD.us, he has found himself getting more heavily involved in advocated for the broader immigration reform that has been discussed for the a majority of President Barack Obama’s first six months of his second term. Monday night, Matt O’Brien of Bay Area New Group reported that Zuckerberg came out from behind the scenes and publicly advocated for immigration reform.

Executive Edge: Facebook CEO speaks out on immigration reform (CNBC)

WhatsApp for PC – a popular Facebook scam in Spain (Softonic EN)
FacebookFacebook Inc (NASDAQ:FB) ads are still allowing scams, at least in some languages. Ads have been appearing in Spanish users feeds that offer ‘WhatsApp for PC’. It’s a popular search term and a program that many people would like, but WhatsApp for PC doesn’t exist. Unlike similar apps Viber and LINE, WhatsApp uses your phone number as your account. It only works with phones, and there’s no tablet or desktop version. It’s possible to run WhatsApp for Android on your PC using the Bluestacks emulator, but you still need a phone number to associate with it. The scam, that is advertised on Facebook Inc (NASDAQ:FB) as WhatsApp for Computer (WhatsApp para Ordenador), requires you to enter your ‘phone number and reply to a premium SMS that charges 1.5 euros for activation and a further 1.45 euros for each message you receive.

Can Facebook Become the Market’s Volume Leader? (24/7 Wall St.)
On the day that Facebook Inc (NASDAQ:FB) came public last year, more than 580 million shares of the company’s stock changed hands. No other trading day since then has even come close except for Thursday, July 25th, the day after the social network released its second-quarter results and more than 350 million shares changed hands. In the 7 trading days since then, more than 100 million Facebook Inc (NASDAQ:FB) shares have changed hands on 5 of those days and more than 70 million were traded on the other two. So far today the company has traded nearly 50 million shares, near its 3-month daily average of 50.6 million shares a day. Could Facebook be on its way to Number 1?

BBB Warns Central Ohio Residents Of Facebook Hack (10TV)
The Better Business Bureau is warning central Ohio residents of a potential Facebook hack. The BBB said scammers can hack a friend’s account, impersonate them, and trick users out of money. The BBB gives a few tips for users that encounter one of these hacks. Users should change their passwords, enable login approvals so they are alerted if someone else logs into their account, immediately delete any spam message or post, and notify Facebook.