Facebook Inc (FB) News: Ambitious Effort, New Version & More

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Facebook’s Mark Zuckerberg wields influence over social issues (DailyFreeMan)
An ambitious effort to bring the Internet to billions of poor people is only the latest move by Facebook Inc (NASDAQ:FB)‘s Mark Zuckerberg to carve out a high-profile role as a tech CEO who can wield influence over public issues. And while he’s not the only one of his peers promoting the power of technology to change the world, the scale and ambition of Zuckerberg’s industry alliance to promote global Internet access makes the 29-year-old CEO one of the most prominent advocates for Silicon Valley’s unique blend of business and altruism. Some critics scoffed Wednesday at what they viewed as self-interest wrapped in noble-sounding rhetoric that accompanied the announcement from Zuckerberg and his new Internet.org coalition. And it’s not the first time his efforts have run into that criticism.

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Canon PowerShot N Facebook camera unveiled (Pocket-Lint)
First Canon brought Wi-Fi, for digital camera sharing ease like on the original PowerShot N, now there is a Facebook Inc (NASDAQ:FB) button with instant artistic photo options. Meet the Canon PowerShot N Facebook – a currently US only digital camera. The 12.1MP digital snapper automatically offers five artistic versions of your photo after you take a shot so you can instantly share them using the Facebook Connect Button. Check them first on the 2.8in tilt-touch panel LCD before sending them off to be judged by your Facebook friends.

Small Businesses Use Facebook, Twitter For Digital Marketing (TechWeekEurope)
A survey of nearly 1,200 small businesses conducted by sales and marketing specialist Infusionsoft has offered up some insight into the current state of digital marketing. …According to the report, maximisers tend to invest more time on sales and marketing activities than other segments, with 61 percent spending more than $1,000 (£642) per month on marketing. Maximisers also have the most diverse platform reach, with 49 percent using Facebook Inc (NASDAQ:FB), 36 percent using Twitter and 31 percent using YouTube, although 60 percent said they need help in building marketing tools and 61 percent said they need assistance in evaluating effective marketing content.

Facebook Pages Manager update rolls out (AndroidCommunity)
Facebook Inc (NASDAQ:FB) has just released a new version of its Android app for managing Facebook Pages. This update includes features that will make it easier for Page owners to manage content, connect with users, and keep up-to-date with other Pages right from their Android device. While most of us will probably be content with just our own personal Facebook profile and timeline, there are times when custom pages are needed for things that aren’t really tied to an actual individual. That’s where Facebook Pages come in, to provide a way for organizations, businesses, and brands to connect with Facebook users.

Nasdaq’s impact on the rest of the week (CNBC)