Facebook Inc (FB) News: All-Time High, Sales Promotion & More

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Facebook Inc. (NASDAQ:FB) Hits New High (BasicsMedia)
Investors were pumping their money into the shares of social networking major Facebook Inc (NASDAQ:FB), which moved on to touch an all time high price on Friday. While the stock was poorly priced in its initial public offer one year ago, this recent surge in price is due to the effectiveness of the company to monetize its mobile users. Recent increase in share prices of Facebook had all started when the company released its earnings report in July for the period that ended on June 30, 2013…

Facebook Inc (NASDAQ:FB)

Facebook Inc(FB) postpones to launch its video advertisements again (DailyEconomic)
Three insiders disclosed that Facebook Inc (NASDAQ:FB) once again postponed to launch its video advertising service which was scheduled to launch in October, and the new launch date has not been set yet. Over the past year, Facebook Inc(NASDAQ:FB) devoted itself to sales promotion of its video advertisements to brand owners and advertising agencies. It is learned that advertisers can take advantage of 15 seconds’ video advertisements of the social network to accurately cover specific users of Facebook, normally USD1 million to USD2.4 million per day for the advertising price, which depends on the degree of users coverage.

Facebook Inc (FB): How High Can The Stock Go? (ETFDailyNews)
Investors must watch shares of Facebook Inc (NASDAQ:FB) today as shares are poised to hit new 52-week highs on Suntrust raising the stocks price target from $40 to $55. Suntrust Expects Facebook revenues to get a major boost from video ads, instagram and graph search. Watch the video below on how Facebook has hit the sweet spot and what to expect from the stock.

So Much For Facebook Ruining Instagram – It Just Hit 150 Million Monthly Active Users (Forbes)
When Facebook FB +3.02% bought the photo sharing app Instagram early last year, it only took a few Internet moments for the critics to weigh in. A bunch of Instagram users figured the by-now establishment social network would ruin the app, and some vowed to bail. Yeah, right. Not only did Instagram’s user growth not slow down, it has seen user numbers accelerate, at least in absolute numbers. Today, the Facebook unit announced it has hit 150 million monthly active users. That’s 50 million more than just seven months ago. It took Instagram 19 months from its founding in October 2010 to hit 50 million.

Facebook targets broadcasters with new TV tools (TBIVision)
The Public Feed API will give broadcasters access to areal-time feed of public posts for a specific word. The Keyword Insights API aggregates the total number of posts that mention a specific term in a given time frame and will also allow partners to access anonymous, aggregated results based on gender, age and location. “Starting today, selected news organisations can begin to integrate Facebook conversations into their broadcasts or coverage by displaying public posts of real-time activity about any given topic,” said Facebook Inc (NASDAQ:FB).

Should you ‘like’ Facebook? (CNBC)