Facebook Inc (FB), Microsoft Corporation (MSFT), Google Inc (GOOG): Why Last Year’s Top Charitable Donors Should Give More In 2013

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Berkshire has seen the best return of the four stocks, as its core insurance business has produced good results, and its portfolio of well-known stocks and wholly owned subsidiaries have also performed well. Google’s stock has continued its long bull-market run higher, with investors expecting troubling past trends in ad-related revenue to reverse and start contributing more strongly to its overall growth. Even Microsoft has managed to make progress in its share price lately, despite all the negative press about its attempts to crack into the mobile market. And even though Facebook Inc (NASDAQ:FB) hasn’t delivered the returns that IPO investors would have wanted, the stock has nevertheless stabilized, and future prospects for growth seem to be on the rise as Facebook searches out ways to monetize its billion-member social network.

Look for more donations
Rising share prices are no guarantee that these donors will be more generous in the future. But given their past giving histories, it’s fair to expect that they’ll find ways to make even more meaningful gifts both in 2013, and beyond.

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