Facebook Inc (FB) Home Enabled Smartphones Hit Snag

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When it comes to the smartphone war, one thing is never going to change: every player in the industry is looking for a way to one up the competition. No matter what it takes, these companies will do anything to gain a little bit of market share. Even though this is the case, it appears that most brands are shying way from developing Facebook Inc (NASDAQ:FB) home enabled models.

What once appeared to be a killer idea has lost a little bit of steam as of late.

Facebook Inc (NASDAQ:FB)Digitimes has taken a closer look at this snag for the social networking giant, sharing the following:

“A number of branded smartphone vendors, including Samsung Electronics, Sony Mobile Communications, Lenovo, ZTE and Huawei are now reluctant to cooperate with Facebook for the joint launch of Facebook Home-enabled smartphones after sales of HTC First, Facebook’s first Facebook Home smartphone, failed to meet market expectations.”

As you can see, this is related largely to the fact that the HTC First smartphone has not achieved nearly as much success as was initially expected. While you cannot place all the blame on the fact that this was the first Facebook Home smartphone, it may have had some impact.

In fact, sales of the HTC First by AT&T were so low that Facebook Inc (NASDAQ:FB) decided to cancel the launch in Europe. This was a big blow to the future of Facebook Home enabled smartphones, not to mention the fact that HTC was not happy with the results.

What about Samsung? A deal with this company could be huge for Facebook Inc (NASDAQ:FB). Here is more from the same piece:

“While Samsung reportedly has turned down a proposal from Facebook for joint development of new Facebook Home smartphones, other vendors are now holding a wait-and-see attitude toward whether to roll out models supporting Facebook Home or to develop Facebook Home-enabled models in cooperation with Facebook”

For now, it appears that Samsung wants nothing to do with Facebook Inc (NASDAQ:FB) in this regard. Fortunately for the social networking company, all doesn’t seem to be lost. There are other brands considering this option, although there are being very cautious as they move forward.

All in all, Facebook Inc (NASDAQ:FB) Home enabled smartphones have hit a snag. It is hard to say what is going to happen next, but the lack of strong sales by the HTC First has definitely slowed things down.

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