Facebook Inc (FB) Highlights: Noticeable Attempt, Newest Buzz & Google Inc (GOOG)

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Facebook Is Wooing Celebs to Out-Twitter Twitter (Gnom)
Fans of tennis superstar Maria Sharapova might have noted she used the hashtag #misstheopen in an otherwise mundane tweet last week about seeing “The Book of Mormon” on Broadway. To get the full story, though, fans had to go to her Facebook Inc (NASDAQ:FB) Page. There, a day later, she dropped a status update that included a 126-word explanation about her decision to pull out of this year’s U.S. Open. The statement, which was also on her official blog, explained that it was a tough decision but “it all comes down to taking the proper amount of time to heal my shoulder injury properly.”

Facebook Inc (NASDAQ:FB)

STUDY Says Facebook Killing New Relationships (SpyGhana)
Maybe so. Using Facebook Inc (NASDAQ:FB) a lot is associated with negative relationship outcomes — like breakups, or emotional or physical cheating — for those in newer relationships, according to a study co-authored by St. Mary’s University doctoral student Jessica Smith. The journal Cyberpsychology, Behavior and Social Networking published the research paper, called “Cheating, Breakup, and Divorce: Is Facebook Use to Blame?” online earlier this summer.

Facebook Inc. (FB) Hashtags Versus Twitter Hashtags : The Complete Story (DazeInfo)
Hashtags by Facebook Inc. (NASDAQ:FB) were rolled out earlier this year in June. They were an obvious attempt to allow its users to discover shared and similar content of interest, just as people do on Twitter. Unfortunately for Facebook, this has so far turned out to be a total dud. The hashtag on Twitter is the modern day equivalent of the Associated Press during the World Wars. Today, news literally breaks on Twitter and the general public consume it through Twitter before heading anywhere else. They do it through the use of the hashtag associated with that news. The hashtags are simply the fastest way to consume news and discover an ocean of shared content on social media.

Shock therapy for Facebook junkies (CoolAge)
Want to curb the time you spend scrolling through your Facebook News Feed? Two MIT PhD students have developed a radical solution: by creating a device that delivers small shocks to your hand when you linger too long on the social media site. When Robert R. Morris and Dan McDuff realized that they were logging in more than 50 hours a week on Facebook Inc (NASDAQ:FB) — precious time that could be devoted to say, penning their dissertations — they decided to take action in the form of aversion therapy. Dubbed Pavlov Poke, the system tracks your actions and sends a signal to an Arduino board that, in turn, administers a harmless yet painful shock.

Rumor: Facebook going to introduce “Trending” box on its news feed (PC-Tablet)
Twitter has a unique feature which allows one to know which the trending news is or the most happening events around the globe. Now the latest trending news happen to be the situation in Syria but the hottest topic could also be the next Football match between two feuding European clubs. Other sites have also been quick to duplicate the twitter features and this includes names like You Tube and Google Inc (NASDAQ:GOOG)+ and now Facebook. Facebook Inc (NASDAQ:FB) is going to replicate the Twitter trending news app on its bar. However it is unlikely that Facebook will actually get the same response as Twitter.