Facebook Inc (FB) Employs PGP Keys to Encrypt Notifications

Facebook Inc (NASDAQ:FB) is known to adhere to strict policies when it comes to the security aspect of data shared by people on its platforms. In a day and age of increased data breaches, a company of Facebook’s caliber with data from over billion people across the globe cannot take things for granted. It is for this reason that the giant social network has moved to provide an extra layer of security for people who rely on other connections such as emails to access its services.

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Users can now list their OpenPGP keys on their profile to enjoy enhanced email security for connections they make out of Facebook Inc (NASDAQ:FB). It is an experimental feature that allows for end-to-end notifications from a Facebook account to any email that one may be using to access Facebook services.

Should anyone enable encrypted notifications, Facebook Inc (NASDAQ:FB) promises to sign any outbound messages with a unique key while providing greater security assurances for any inbound messages. The giant social network is basically moving to secure any connections from email providers.

Developed over 25 years, PGP is one of the most effective ways of guaranteeing the highest level of security for emails using a public key encryption. The technology is made of a long-term primary key with short term sub-keys. The primary and the sub-keys are unique in their own right allowing for easy identity.

The giant social network currently employs a version of GPG encryption for notifications but plans to enhance its security features with a new elliptic curve algorithms. Facebook Inc (NASDAQ:FB) affirms that it is its responsibility to keep on providing security solutions that ensure people remain confident of whatever they share online in terms of privacy.

People connect to Facebook Inc (NASDAQ:FB) using different ways, unlike the direct connection that is synonymous with many people. It is for this reason that the network runs connections over HTTPS with HSTS as one of the ways of providing an extra layer of security regardless of the ways that people use to connect to the platform. The network already allows users to access its platform using Tor without the possibility of ever losing any cryptographic protections.

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