Facebook Inc (FB) Can Be Used To Serve Divorce Papers But It’s Still a Last Resort: Brian Fitzgerald

A recent ruling over serving divorce papers through a Facebook Inc (NASDAQ:FB) message may have made headlines recently, but according to Brian Fitzgerald of The Wall Street Journal, it’s still a last resort.

This means that spouses who are in the process of untying the knot cannot immediately go to Facebook Inc (NASDAQ:FB) and serve their partners their divorce papers.

“Facebook may be considered a friendship hub for many people but according to a recent court decision, it can also be a place for foes. In fact, a New York judge ruled that divorce papers can be served through a Facebook message which was the case for a 26-year-old nurse who served her husband over the social media site recently,” Hawkins says in the report.

According to Fitzgerald, there are special circumstances that led to a judge allowing the nurse to serve her husband their divorce papers through Facebook Messenger.

“It’s not as if the woman just woke up one day and said that ‘This is just the way I want to do it because I don’t want to try any other way’ or ‘I’m lazy’ or ‘I just love it so much,’ she couldn’t get a hold of him. This was one of the few places that she knew she’d be able to find him,” Fitzgerald says.

Furthermore, the Wall Street Journal reporter says that the woman had to prove to the court that Facebook Inc (NASDAQ:FB) was a valid place to find her husband and that she has tried to serve their divorce papers through other means.

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According to the reporter, in the past, people were allowed to use email as a way to legally serve legal papers but this had to be approved by a judge and the person requesting it should prove that they cannot find the person they are serving the papers to and that they have tried other means to serve the papers.

The same is applicable with this Facebook Inc (NASDAQ:FB) ruling, he says, as the woman got the judge to approve of her method of serving the divorce papers. According to Hawkins, the judge had to note that the decision made was novel and was brought about by unusual circumstances.

Donald Chiboucis’ Columbus Circle Investors owned about 3.64 million Facebook Inc (NASDAQ:FB) shares by the end of 2014.

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