Facebook Inc (FB) Brings Back Controversial Photos

Facebook Inc (NASDAQ:FB) was the target of thousands of breast-cancer survivors over the last few weeks, and we reported last week that a massive petition drive  resulted in Facebook agreeing to review its policies regarding  nude photos, as that policy had resulted in the removal of hundreds of photos of men and women who underwent mastectomies.

Well it appears that Facebook Inc (NASDAQ:FB) did not need to take very long to clarify the policy, which had dramatically affected the impact of The SCAR Project, a photographic gallery by professional photographer David Jay.

Facebook Inc. (FB)He developed a following of breast-cancer survivors and family members by takingand posting on Facebook photos of mastectomy scars, many of which show exposed breasts and other areas of the body around the location of the scar. Facebook initially was on a crusade, deleting  a lot of pictures because they showed some exposed breast and that was a violation of the company’s policies. Jay, himself, for being the poster, has been suspended from the site twice and banned once for posting the photos.

In its defense at the time, Facebook Inc (NASDAQ:FB) said it is not able to monitor and screen all photos that are posted to the site on a regular basis, but they relied on users to report controversial or offensive photos and Facebook investigates those reports. That was pretty much said to implicate users of the site who think mastectomy scars or any exposed breasts is offensive, and Facebook’s policies were deemed to vague by these breast-cancer survivors that they were leading to some unnecessary deletions.

Well after a review of policies that took just a few days to complete, Facebook Inc (NASDAQ:FB) posted a written update to its nudity policy that clarifies the matter. Facebook wrote that it has adjusted its policy to allow for mastectomy and other similar photos that might result in the showing exposed breasts, but the policy about exposed nipples remains in force.

Scorchy Barrington, a breast-cancer activist who has advanced-stage cancer herself, wrote on the Change.org website, “Facebook’s policy team told me they … have clarified their policy. From now on, these powerful visual testaments to the real impact of breast cancer and the resilience of breast cancer survivors will be welcomed on Facebook, as they should be.”

What are your thoughts about this change in policy? Is Facebook Inc (NASDAQ:FB) doing the right thing, or are mastectomy scar photos  too controversial for you? Give us your feedback in the comments section below.