Oldest Facebook User: Even Those Over 100 are Using Facebook

Oldest Facebook User: So, you think social networking is only for the younger generation? Think again. Facebook Inc (NASDAQ:FB) appeals to people of all ages, even those who have hit the century mark.

ABC News recently published a story about a 105 year old woman, Edythe Kirchmaier, who is the oldest registered user of Facebook.

Although she did not setup the account herself – instead, this was done by medical aid charity where she’s volunteered for 40 years – Kirchmaier has taken to the service in stride.

Here is what she had to say:

“I’ve been contacted by such wonderful people and received such nice messages and pictures from people all over the world. I’m so humbled by all the interest in me.”

Facebook Inc (NASDAQ:FB)It is amazing to see people of this age using Facebook Inc (NASDAQ:FB) for the first time. While the younger generation often times takes the ability to stay connected for granted, those in this age group realize just how much of a gift it really is.

Kirchmaier has more Facebook Inc (NASDAQ:FB) friends than most people, with more than 20,000 at the time of publishing. Along with this, she has likes from “University of Chicago, the actress Jane Lynch and the Cheesecake Factory.” In other words, she has turned into somewhat of a celebrity.

While it is nice to give notice to the oldest user of Facebook, she is not the only older American turning to the social networking giant.

The ABC News piece goes on to explain the following:

“Retirees age 65 and older are the fastest-growing group of social networkers on sites such as Facebook, LinkedIn and MySpace, according to a 2012 survey by the Pew Research Center’s Internet and American Life Project. The report found that 40 percent of Internet users older than 65 use Facebook, up 150 percent since 2009.”

This may be hard for some people to believe, but 4 out of every 10 internet users over the age of 65 are on Facebook Inc (NASDAQ:FB). How amazing is that?

As the population continues to age and Facebook continues to grow in popularity, it is safe to say that these numbers will grow. It is only a matter of time until Kirchmaier is joined by others her age.

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