Entrepreneur Erick Alvarez Shares His Insights About the Evolution and Future of the Fitness Industry

Fitness isn’t just a physical attribute, it’s a state of mind. The fitness industry has grown to reflect this in the last decade, with key players such as LA Fitness and LifeTime leading the way in a marketplace which is worth billions.

Entrepreneur Erick Alvarez knows all about the philosophy of being fit, it’s what transformed him from a college dropout, prone to drinking alcohol and reckless behavior, into a highly-sought after personal trainer and CEO and founder of Big Clout Media. Erick kindly agreed to share with us a few of his insights about the evolution and future of the industry he cares passionately about.

Erick Alvarez

Q: You’re a living example of a person who was literally saved by fitness. How does this have a bearing on what you do today?

A: Quite simply it’s the driving philosophy behind everything I do. Through fitness I managed to become the best version of myself I could possibly be and I feel it’s my life calling to help others do the same. I went from a depressed and anxious college kid, to a globetrotting entrepreneur. Fitness was the key.  

Q: You’re hailed as something of a revolutionary in the industry because you were one the first to identify how the internet could transform fitness. Can you elaborate?

A: I was in Medellin, Columbia for a fitness expo when you could say I had something of an epiphany. I saw that being a personal trainer in the flesh was a worn and relatively stale concept in the digital age. I decided then and there to move my business online and create multiple fitness brands, and that’s the genesis of Big Clout Media. 

Q: Tell us a little more about how the process works?

A: In a nutshell we partner with fitness influencers. We then assist them in building and enhancing their current influence and help create their own fitness business. We monetize their influence by helping them brand, market and sell their own digital products. We take care of everything from product creation, branding, sales, marketing, scaling, hiring and managing the team. Big Clout Media essentially helps influencers garner strong earnings, with a done-for-you business approach. WIth my skillset and the authority of influencers, it’s a perfect match. It allows the influencers to focus on what they love, and help millions of people worldwide achieve their fitness goals. It’s a winning formula which I believe to be the future of the entire industry