Entegris Inc (ENTG), Dicerna Pharmaceuticals Inc (DRNA): GMT Capital and Deerfield Management Report Their Latest Moves

In two new filings, Thomas E. ClaugusGMT Capital disclosed further raising its exposure to Entegris Inc (NASDAQ:ENTG). The investor revealed buying 148,300 shares on October 6 at a price of $11.66 apiece and 164,700 shares on October 13, paying $10.98 per share. Following two transactions, GMT Capital holds approximately 14.47 million shares of Entegris. Moreover, another filing, revealed James E. Flynn‘s Deerfield Management selling around 117,800 shares of Dicerna Pharmaceuticals Inc (NASDAQ:DRNA) at an average price of $10.86 apiece. Deerfield currently owns around 2.31 million shares of Dicerna.

Entegris Inc (NASDAQ:ENTG)

GMT Keeps Loading on Entegris

The latest transactions have been the third time this month when GMT Capital has increased its position in the small cap Entegris Inc (NASDAQ:ENTG). The investor bought some 174,800 shares of the company at the beginning of the month and a couple of days later some 47,900 shares have been added to the position. Following the increases, the fund owns 10.37% of the company.

The stock of the developer and manufacturer of products and materials used for the processing and manufacturing of semiconductors and other high-tech industries picked up over 1.30% since Mr. Claugus started buying shares in October. Overall, Entegris Inc (NASDAQ:ENTG) surged by over 150% since the the third quarter of 2010, when GMT has first disclosed a position in the company, which contained over 7.93 million shares.

Among the funds that we track at Insider Monkey, GMT Capital is the largest shareholder of Entegris Inc (NASDAQ:ENTG), followed by Clifton S. Robbins‘ Blue Harbour Group with around 3.03 million shares held as of the end of June. Other investors own less significant positions in the company.

Among insiders, GMT has been the only one that has been acquiring shares of the company over the last several years. However, a director of Entegris Inc (NASDAQ:ENTG), Brian Sullivan, has around 2,700 shares of the company earlier this year at $12.15 apiece. Mr. Sullivan acquired a significant amount of Entegris’ shares back in 2010, when he bought 50,000 shares paying $4.75 per unit. The director still owns some 112,000 shares of Entegris.

Entegris Inc (NASDAQ:ENTG) was downgraded to ‘Hold’ from ‘Buy’ by TheStreet, right after GMT Capital acquired shares. The analyst still considers that the stock has strenghts in terms of revenue growth and increasing profit margins, but is also has weaknesses such as declining net income, or return on equity below expectations.

James Flynn Changed His Mind About Dicerna Pharmaceuticals

Dicerna Pharmaceuticals Inc (NASDAQ:DRNA), a $175 million market cap biopharmaceutical company, went public at the beginning of the year and Deerfied made public his stake, being a shareholder before the IPO. The investor converted its previously held 1.43 million Series C Preferred Stock and further raised its stake by acquiring more share at $15 apiece. The company was well received by the market at the beginning, the stock surged to as high as $46 per share, but it de-escalated quickly a couple of months later and currently trades at 78% down since the IPO. Another shareholder, Bain Capital’s Brookside Capital which held 2.34 million shares right after Dicerna Pharmaceuticals Inc (NASDAQ:DRNA) went public profited from the stock’s boost during the first quarter and sold around 529,000 shares in March at a price of around $37.00 per unit.

Aside from Deerfield and Brookside Capital, another significant shareholder of Dicerna Pharmaceuticals Inc (NASDAQ:DRNA) is Peter Kolchinsky‘s RA Capital Management, which owns 2.43 million shares of the company as at the end of June.

Moreover, a couple of days ago, Deerfield Management reported surging its position in Endologix, Inc. (NASDAQ:ELGX) to 4.48 million shares from 1.48 million shares held previously, raising its stake to 6.7% of the company.

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