Eagle Capital Management $GS and $AON Picks Gained 5%

Boykin Curry, founder of Eagle Capital, spoke at the Value Investing Congress this week about time arbitrage reports Benzinga. Curry said that analysts have been inaccurate with price targets lately, explaining that they lowered their price estimates based on the current economy rather than taking into account long term cash flows. Curry explained that that was the reason funds with a longer focus have been able to outperform shorter-term funds.


Boykin Curry, AON and Insurance Cycles

Boykin Curry recommended AON Corp (AON). The company is one of the largest insurance companies in the world, has a free cash flow yield of 10% and, while Curry says that it will not have any revenue growth over the next few years, he thinks the management team there is extraordinary. Further, Curry estimates that the volatility in the markets will eventually cause the insurance industry to turn, allowing AON to benefit. AON closed Monday at $44.44 a share. It is currently trading at $46.69 a share.

Boykin Curry is Sweet on Goldman Sachs

Boykin Curry also recommends Goldman Sachs (GS) and his primary reason is an interesting one – he likes GS because more than 95% of the people it offers jobs to takes them. In other words, GS has its pick of new talent. Curry thinks that fact will help GS prosper once the markets recover. Curry also believes that GS’s current asset value is around is around $82B, or roughly $150 a share. Given GS is currently trading at $95 or so, that’s a 58% upside and even more if GS does a buy back later. GS closed at $96.90 Monday. It recently traded at $101.11.