Does Twitter Inc (TWTR) Really Care About Developers?

Does Twitter Inc (NYSE:TWTR) really care about developers? If you ask Wayne Chang, the company’s global head of development experience, he’d say definitely.

The Twitter Inc (NYSE:TWTR) executive made the remark in an interview on CNBC where he also explained that attracting more and more users by making the company’s service easier to use for everyone is the main goal of the company at the moment.

“What we care about, at the very root, is the developers. That means that we care about putting their stuff first,” he said.

As an example, the executive said that in cases where developers have problems with their applications being integrated with the service of the social network, the company’s team even goes as far as identifying the certain line of code that is causing the error and reporting this to the developers.

Twitter Inc (NYSE:TWTR), one of today’s most-used social media websites, recently unveiled Twitter Fabric, and Chang’s example is part of this new platform’s features to help developers.

He said, however, that Fabric is not intended to be a revenue source for the company, though he mentioned that if developers wanted to do advertising with Fabric, Twitter Inc (NYSE:TWTR) will have a small slice of the pie. Nonetheless, he stressed that all features and services of Fabric, including advertising, are optional and opt-in.

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By helping developers, Chang said that his team is contributing to user growth, a metric that has had some analysts worried about the company.

“That is one of the things that we’re working hard on every day. Growth is our number one concern. And so, we have teams right now constantly trying to figure out how to make this easier for everyone to use,” Chang said.

Bain Capital’s Brookside Capital reported owning about 3.6 million Twitter Inc (NYSE:TWTR) shares by June 30.