Do These Companies’ Insiders Fear A Grim Future For Their Stocks?

Insider selling has been more prominent than insider buying over the last several months, which could somewhat suggest that insiders do not foresee strong upside for their companies or at least the market in general, in the foreseeable future. In fact, insiders are not the only ones who suggest that U.S equities are overvalued at the moment. Reputable activist investor Carl Icahn resides in the camp of investors who believe that the stock market is currently overpriced, mainly as a result of the Federal Reserve’s monetary policy and companies’ overstated earnings. But will the U.S stock market enter a bearish phase in the upcoming future? This is the million dollar question, and no one can accurately foresee what the future holds. However, individual investors can closely examine insider selling activity so as to get a general view of how insiders feel about their companies’ prospects and their stock’s future potential. Heavy insider selling does not necessarily point to short-selling opportunities, but this type of activity should still represent a key stock picking tool of investors. The Insider Monkey team identified three companies with notable insider sales of late, and this article will lay out those trades and discuss the recent performance of those companies.

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DexCom Inc. (NASDAQ:DXCM) has registered a high volume of insider selling activity over the past several days, but most insider sales were related to freshly-exercised stock options or were conducted under trading plans. Hence, we will discuss only the spur-of-the-moment insider sales registered by insiders of the medical device company. Senior Vice President and Chief Financial Officer Jess Roper sold 20,000 shares on Thursday at prices in the range of $83.75-to-$84.36, 5,500 shares of which represent freshly-vested, non-qualified stock options. As a result, the CFO currently holds 83,924 shares, while his net sale added up to 14,500 shares. Moreover, Chief Technical Officer Jorge Valdes reported the sell-off of 40,500 shares last Monday at prices ranging from $83.02-to-$83.98 per share, while 30,000 of those shares represented freshly-vested stock options. The remaining 10,500-share block was held by the Valdes-Lopez-Calleja Family Trust, where the CTO serves as a trustee. Following those transactions, the CTO holds a direct ownership stake of 92,437 shares, along with an additional 7,272 shares held indirectly via the aforementioned trust fund. The glucose-monitoring company has seen its shares advance by 50% since the start of 2015 despite being caught in the ‘biotech’ sell-off at the end of September. DexCom Inc. (NASDAQ:DXCM) was the fifth-largest equity holding of Clifford Fox’s Columbus Circle Investors at the end of the third quarter (read more details).

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The second page of this daily insider trading article discusses the insider sales at BioSpecifics Technologies Corp. (NASDAQ:BSTC) and ServiceNow Inc. (NYSE:NOW).