Diebold Incorporated (DBD), NCR Corporation (NCR): A Turnaround Play of This Global ATM Supplier

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Shareholders of Diebold Incorporated (NYSE:DBD) must be quite disappointed because the company’s share price has not moved much since the beginning of the year. Diebold Incorporated (NYSE:DBD) has gained nearly 3.6%, lagging the S&P 500’s return of nearly 11.7%. However, Mario Gabelli seems to be bullish on this stock, owning more than 3.5 million shares of the company as of March 2013. Let’s take a closer look to determine the attractiveness of this stock.

Diebold Incorporated (NYSE:DBD)

One of the global ATM leaders

Diebold Incorporated (NYSE:DBD) has a long operating history dating back to1859, providing self-service solutions and security solutions to the financial, commercial and government and retail markets. Diebold Incorporated (NYSE:DBD) derived most of its revenue from the financial self-service, accounting for 77% of its total revenue in 2012, while the security segment represented 21% of the 2012 total sales.

In terms of geography, Diebold Incorporated (NYSE:DBD)’s main market is still the U.S., accounting for 53% of total revenue. Latin American market, including Brazil, ranked second with 22% revenue share. One popular financial self-service solution is the automated teller machine (ATM). The company reported that it is one of the global leading suppliers of ATM around the world. According to Barron’s, Susquehanna Research Group pointed out that Diebold had 50% of the North American ATM market and 25% of the global market, only behind NCR Corporation (NYSE:NCR).

Potential upside on the business restructures

In the first quarter 2013 Diebold Incorporated (NYSE:DBD) experienced a loss of nearly $13.5 million, much worse than the profit of nearly $45.2 million in the first quarter last year. The loss in the recent quarter was due to the lower sales and higher expenses, including $10.1 million in non-routine and amortization expenses. However, that pessimistic operating picture is likely to improve under the leadership of new CEO Andy W. Mattes. Diebold has laid out a multi-year realignment plan to reduce cost and drive the business forward.

The company plans to cut costs by $100-$150 million by 2015. Several cost-cutting actions will be implemented, including cutting 700 full time jobs and selling several plants to suppliers to rationalize manufacturing facilities. Diebold expected that around half of the savings would flow to the operating profit. The new CEO would like to push the cost reduction sooner and expand the business in electronics security segment. Being excited about the company’s future, he commented “There’s a lot of upside in the company. It’s a very strong brand.”

The cheapest among its peers

Diebold is trading at $31.70 per share, with a total market cap of about $2 billion. The market values the company at around 11.4 times its trailing EBITDA (Earnings Before Interest, Tax, Depreciation and Amortization). Compared to its peers, including NCR Corporation (NYSE:NCR) and ACI Worldwide Inc (NASDAQ:ACIW), Diebold is much cheaper.

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