Here’s What Would Be New In Apple Inc. (AAPL) TV In June

Apple Inc. (NASDAQ:AAPLhad a brilliant run so far in 2015 with stock prices going up by more than 12% YTD. Major catalyst for this growth has been the iPhone 6 launch. Apple, which owns one of the most profitable businesses ever, has reported around 75 million and 60 million units of iPhones sold in the last 2 quarters. These numbers are staggering even by Apple Inc. (NASDAQ:AAPL) standards. But as expected by many iPhone sales might not contribute towards the earnings for remainder of 2015. Apple came up with the launch of its smartwatch, but it has mixed response from consumers and investors. What else can Apple do to push up earnings for rest of the year? They have two options though, Apple Pay and Apple TV. Some reports suggest that Apple is planning to unveil its new Apple TV in June. Editor-in-Chief, Dan Costa talked on CNBC about Apple’s plans for improving its TV offerings and its significance.

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Reports suggest that Apple TV remote is getting a new Makeover. This change might happen when the new TV box will be introduced in June. Apple TV’s new remote control will have a new look and design. But how can a remote control redesign become a big deal for Apple TV? Costa pointed out that remote redesign is one of the many changes that Apple is bringing to its Apple TV product in June. He mentioned that Apple Inc. (NASDAQ:AAPL) will unveil the changes to Apple TV during its Worldwide developers conference in June.

“The thing about Apple remote is, it is truly an iconic remote control. They took this device that everybody is familiar with. It historically had 45 buttons on it and they stripped it down to its basic functions and its really the type of thing that Apple would do with all of its products. So the fact that they are now going back into remote and make some changes to it, sort of shows that they have gotten greater ambitions for the device and of course we are also going to see a new Apple TV coming up and Apple TV could have more feature as well,” Costa said.

Costa said that Apple TV was around for quite some time and he thinks that it actually pioneered the streaming space, but he feels that it did not grow bigger. He pointed out that Apple TV did not get any significant update in two years. So he feels that Apple TV product needs a refresh as a lot of new products have come out in the market and competition in the space has grown significantly. He feels that Apple is going to announce something exciting in June.

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