CVS Health Corp (CVS) Specialty Turns To New Record System For More Efficiency

Epic’s EHR systems has been selected for use by CVS Health Corp (NYSE:CVS) in its programs for care management. The new record system is expected to help improve and integrate the clinical processes of CVS Specialty.

This will include Accordant, a program for care management aimed at patients suffering from rare chronic diseases that are rare. CVS Health Corp (NYSE:CVS)’s MinuteClinic had earlier adopted the HER system in 2015. In the United States, the most popular health records system is Epic.

“We are pleased to transition our care management programs onto the Epic platform, which will enable immediate information sharing with other health care providers across the patient’s entire care team. This connectivity is integral in providing the best possible, coordinated health,” CVS Specialty’s Executive VP, Alan Lotvin, said.



Benefits Of Epic Platform

By transitioning to Epic, CVS Specialty will be able to harness the power of connectivity by being linked to other healthcare providers across the country. This includes physician groups, hospital networks and health systems. On the Epic platform, records totaling approximately 1.3 million are exchanged daily through various regional and national networks comprised of organizations that are in the thousands. This includes healthcare providers, clinics and hospitals.

The Epic platform will also enable CVS Specialty to have a smoother and better coordination between healthcare settings and disciplines. This will ensure that decision-making in healthcare is more informed and effective.

Fastest Growing Pharmacy Niche

With Specialty pharmacy being one of the healthcare niches that is growing the fastest in the United States, CVS Specialty has emerged as the biggest player in this segment. The CVS unit offers clinical services to patients who are suffering from conditions that are complex or rare. Some of the services the unit offers include dispensing services, infusion services, and management of drug therapy.

CVS Specialty also provides customized counselling and support that ensures that medication use is safe and appropriate with a view to achieving health outcomes that are positive. This happens in conjunction with other providers of healthcare.

In Thursday’s trading session, shares of CVS Health Corp (NYSE:CVS) edged up by 0.81% to close the day at $81.35 a share.

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Note: This article is written by Adam Russell and originally published at Market Exclusive.