Cryptopay Bridges the Gap Between Existing Systems and Emerging Technology

Cryptopay is a blockchain enabled payment gateway founded in 2013, which provides Bitcoin wallets, debit cards and innovative merchant processing solutions. Cryptopay Bitcoin wallet provides an easy way to buy, store and send bitcoins all over the world.

Generally speaking, how easy it is to use Bitcoin for transactions plays a huge role towards the mainstream adoption of the cryptocurrency.

This is very common with most innovations as associated initial complexities always stand as barriers towards adoption and popular implementation.

Connecting the new and the existing

New creations are normally difficult to adopt until intermediary solutions are developed to form a link between the novel and existing systems, thereby adapting such creations and enabling easy understanding by the users.

Creating user interfaces and products that enable the easy application of Blockchain solutions without any special coding skills or extra computer language specialization appears to be an important aspect of industry development if Blockchain is to go mainstream.

Also, any system that would enable users hedge against the dominant fluctuations in price that exist within the cryptocurrency market would be appreciated as major advancement in the industry.

This would imply a reasonably stable trading and investment environment for users.

Industry accessibility

As a payment gateway, apart from BTC wallet, Cryptopay in its effort to bridge the gap between existing systems and emerging technology offers 3 FLEX accounts in EUR, GBP, USD.

This straightforward system makes it easy for users to find entry into the ecosystem, while hedging their bitcoins against major currencies for peace of mind and security against Bitcoin price fluctuations.

One major product that have been made available by Cryptopay which enables seamless interaction with existing systems is the Bitcoin debit cards (Virtual & Plastic).

Cryptopay’s Bitcoin debit card is accepted anywhere Visa debit cards are accepted.

These cards can be loaded directly with funds from the user’s Cryptopay Bitcoin Wallet and spent virtually or traditionally anywhere major payment cards are accepted.

The Cryptopay Bitcoin debit card works online, offline and internationally, making it simple for customers to use bitcoin at millions of businesses around the world.

The decentralized nature of the Blockchain offers openness and availability to anyone who wishes to participate in the ecosystem. Therefore, any system that encourages the accessibility and application of the technology is hugely applauded within the community.

The next phase of products

Blockchain technology has already proven itself incredibly useful and valuable for a variety of applications, and developers are seriously working on creating applications that would really simplify entry processes for newcomers into the system.

Bridging the gap between existing systems and emerging technologies remains the viable route to mainstream adoption. Hence whatever efforts taken to lower the barrier in building value on the blockchain can be adjudged to be a step in the right direction.

One of such steps could be Blockchain-based applications, where users can create and access the markets – as a user-facing application where no coding skills are necessary. This is exemplified by the launch of Cryptopay’s mobile app which offers users a shortcut access into the Bitcoin world and is already available on the AppStore.

Cryptopay announced at the Hypethon conference in St. Petersburg on August 16 that it will be embarking on an ICO that is based not only on the whitepaper, but on products that are already working. This will also be an opportunity offered to numerous users of the platform who are seeking for how to invest into the Cryptopay project.