Latest Partnership with is a Good Move

Cryptocurrency platform has teamed up with major online travel agency

Announced yesterday, the partnership is the latest push to bring crypto mainstream by the Hong-Kong company.

It allows users to make (BKNG) reservations within’s app and gives discounts for users and perks when using the debit card abroad after making reservations. is a one one-stop crypto shop doing everything it can to get people using Bitcoin, Ethereum, and even stablecoins in their everyday lives. And its latest move for adoption is a wise one.

Why This Makes Sense for

A partnership with popular will bring cryptocurrency to well-known (nearly) household brand. It will show people that cryptocurrencies and crypto companies can be used and trusted.

Amsterdam-based online travel agency lets users search and find deals for over 28 million hotels, hostels and guesthouses around the world. Millions of people use its website each day.

Crypto-adoption still has a long-way to go, but giving people the opportunity to bridge their assets and services they use everyday is the only way forward. Plus,’s CEO Kris Marszalek said that the partnership would bring “travel perks” to its users eager to travel in 2021 following last year’s covid restrictions.

The Year Crypto Breached Into The Mainstream

Crypto burst into the mainstream in 2020. Companies such as PayPal (PYPL) brought digital assets to its platform and institutional investors started eyeing-up Bitcoin. is riding this wave. The platform has a cryptocurrency exchange (with over 80 different assets), an app, and Visa (V) debit and credit cards. Last month it announced that it had surpassed five million worldwide users — just three months after it reached the three million mark — and said that it wants to reach 100 million users within five years.

The company last week announced 0% fees for customers who buy cryptocurrencies for 30 days after they pass KYC verification in a move to get more users to hold digital assets.

Its app is available in a number of languages and has proven popular in countries around the globe with struggling national currencies.

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