CRT Devices From Medtronic PLC (MDT) Found To Be Cost-Effective

An economic analysis study done by Medtronic PLC. Ordinary Shares (NYSE:MDT) has revealed that Cardiac Resynchronization Therapy devices enable heart failure patients to extend their lifespan. In comparison to medical therapy the CRT devices were also found to be cost-effective.

The study was the largest to ever be conducted with a view to assessing how CRT devices impact the survival rates of patients as well as how cost effective they are. Results of the study, dubbed REVERSE, were also published in a cardiology journal. The study used data that had been recorded over a five-year period.

“REVERSE confirms that implanting CRT earlier slows the progression of heart failure, reduces heart failure-related hospitalizations and deaths, and prolongs life, all while being very cost-effective,” Michael R. Gold, a cardiologist and a professor in South Carolina, said.

Low Use

Despite the fact that CRT devices have proved to add more years to patients and even lower hospitalizations, their use has been low and they have been largely underutilized. In the study, patients number 610 who had mild symptoms of heart failure took part. In all the patients, either a CRT defibrillator or a CRT pacemaker was implanted.

Besides proving to be cost-effective for patients, the study also showed that the defibrillator added an extra 2.77 years to the lifespan of a patient compared to a pacemaker. The defibrillator however was less cost-effective over a patient’s lifetime compared to the pacemaker, though it was justified by the longer lifespan.

Early Implantation Necessary

Results of the study also showed that the stage at which the devices were implanted was crucial. If implanted early it helped slow down the progression of the disease as well as increasing the chances of survival. It was also found to be more cost-effective.

David Steinhaus, a vice president of Medtronic PLC. Ordinary Shares (NYSE:MDT), observed that the study would now offer hospitals and other healthcare facilities the information they needed in order to be able to make better decisions concerning the use of CRTs to treat their patients.

On Monday shares of Medtronic PLC. Ordinary Shares (NYSE:MDT) fell by 0.35% to close the day at $80.35.

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Note: This article is written by Andy Parker and originally published at Market Exclusive.