Crispin Odey is Betting Big On US Banks $WFC $C $JPM $BAC

Crispin Odey filed a 13F with the SEC this afternoon, disclosing large stakes in banking stocks. The total value of Odey’s 13F portfolio is slightly above $1 billion. He had $240 million invested in Wells Fargo (WFC). This is nearly 24% of his 13F portfolio. The second largest position ($150 million) in Odey’s portfolio is Citigroup (C). Finally the third largest bet in Crispin Odey‘s portfolio is JP Morgan (JPM) with a $110 million position. These three positions account for 50% of Odey’s bets on US stocks. Odey also invested $31 million in Suntrust and $7 million in Bank of America.

Crispin Odey