Chart Industries, Inc. (GTLS), Albany International Corp. (AIN), Actuant Corporation (ATU): 3 Great Companies in Small Packages

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Investors should not shy away from cyclical companies just because they aren’t good long-term investments. I believe cyclical companies have much to offer, especially when they are coming out of a difficult situation.

I particularly like small-cap companies in the industrials sector. Chart Industries, Inc. (NASDAQ:GTLS)Albany International Corp. (NYSE:AIN) and Actuant Corporation (NYSE:ATU)  are three companies that might take off in the coming months. Here is a closer look at their operations.

Chart Industries, Inc. (NASDAQ:GTLS)

The next big thing in the LNG world

Chart Industries, Inc. (NASDAQ:GTLS) manufactures high-quality engineered equipment that is needed in the production, storage, and end-usage of hydrocarbon and industrial gasses.

Chart Industries, Inc. (NASDAQ:GTLS) is the leader in high-end equipment that is used for the transfer of liquefied natural gas, or LNG. This is an interesting point about this company because the demand for natural gas as a transportation fuel is increasing worldwide.

There are many reasons why this change is well under way. Firstly, natural gas is a cheaper alternative to gasoline. Secondly, western countries, such as the United States, are working for greater energy independence to maintain their sovereignty. Chart Industries, Inc. (NASDAQ:GTLS)’s LNG transport equipment will definitely see a surge in orders, making market participants increasingly hopeful about the company’s future.

The company is a one-stop solution for LNG-related equipment because it also manufactures heat exchangers, cold boxes, microbulk and satellite LNG storage tanks. These equipments are critical for the functionality of LNG networks. This small company has great potential.

Engineering marvels leading to growth

Albany International Corp. (NYSE:AIN) is an advanced textile and materials processing company.

The machine clothing segment manufactures custom-designed belts and fabrics that are highly value-added and unique. Therefore, Albany International Corp. (NYSE:AIN) usually has repeat orders from its customers; otherwise, they will have to face high switching costs. Albany claims that it is the world leader in the production of custom-designed fabrics and has little competition in target markets.

Albany International Corp. (NYSE:AIN)’s engineered composites segment manufactures highly advanced composite components that are sold to companies in the aerospace and defense industries. This segment accounts for only 10% of the company’s revenues but it packs enormous growth potential. The segment is heavily involved in the development and production of the fan module component for the new leap engines. These engines are being designed for single-aisle airplanes.

Leap engines have the potential to revolutionize the aircraft industry. These engines are 15% more efficient than the regular engines. This is because Albany International Corp. (NYSE:AIN)’s fan module components have reduce the weight of these engines by a massive 1000 pounds. Major airlines, such as Southwest, Qantas, and AirAsia, have already started ordering these engines.

Setting a new direction for itself

Actuant Corporation (NYSE:ATU) provides highly specialized products and services that are needed in motion control systems and energy companies.

The company’s electrical segment has been experiencing a constant decline in its sales. The trend, which started in the fourth quarter of 2012, has continued up till the most recent quarter. Due to the decline in revenues, the segment’s operating margins have also decreased. Management has decided to divest its electrical segment and focus on the three remaining segments.

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