Charles Akre Is Beating the Market Since March

Charles Akre founded Akre Capital in 1989. The firm adopts a bottom-up approach of investing. Being value-oriented, Akre Capital invests primarily in undervalued companies with good business models, good management, and high rate of return. Charles Akre is very selective when it comes to investing. Most of Akre Capital’s equity portfolio is made up of companies belonging to the services, technology, and financial sector. Akre is a conservative investor. Even during the current market turmoil, Akre Capital has managed to outperform the market. Akre Capital is among the 25 best performing hedge funds in this market turmoil.

Akre Capital’s stock picks lost 6.5% since the end of March. However, it performed better than most hedge funds and It beat the market by 4.5 percentage points as SPY lost 11% since March. Six of his top 7 stock picks outperformed the market. Read the details here.