Celgene Corporation (CELG)’s New Acquisition — of Celgene

A great deal
Some were skeptical of Amgen, Inc. (NASDAQ:AMGN)‘s big share repurchase announced in late 2011. However, the company confounded the critics with shares climbing more than 50% since the announcement. I don’t know if Celgene will necessarily see that kind of stock movement, but I expect good things lie ahead.

Celgene’s forward price-to-earnings multiple currently stands at 0.79. That’s cheap. Of course, forward multiples like this rely on future growth estimates. In Celgene’s case, I think those estimates are pretty solid. Revlimid and Vidaza continue to grow nicely. Tremendous potential exists with Abraxane and Pomalyst. Throw a solid pipeline into the mix, too. My opinion is that Celgene’s latest $600 million “acquisition” of its own shares is a great deal for shareholders.

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