Bolt Technology Corp (BOLT), Medical Action Industries (MDCI), Sevcon Inc (SEV) And Peregrine Semiconductor Corp (PSMI) Are Among Mario Gabelli’s Latest Moves

Mario Gabelli is still bullish on Bolt Technology Corp. (NASDAQ:BOLT) and has further increased his fund’s holding of the stock. According to a recent filing with the Securities and Exchange Commission, GAMCO Investors has added 101,093 shares to its previous position, taking it to approximately 926,100 shares, which account for 10.63% of Bolt Technology Corp.(NASDAQ:BOLT)’s common stock. It also seems Mario Gabelli has changed his mind about Medical Action Industries (NASDAQ:MDCI), having closed his position. GAMCO had reported ownership of approximately 252,200 shares for the end of June 2014 and Gabelli had increased the investment to 1.3 million shares in September only to dump the whole amount a month later. Another stock Gabelli has stepped up his interest in is Sevcon Inc (NASDAQ:SEV), a producer of microprocessor based controls for hybrid cars. GAMCO has increased its investment in the company to 2.18 million shares or 49.9% of the company’s common stock (The total number of Sevcon Inc (NASDAQ:SEV) shares outstanding includes 808,602 shares, which GAMCO and Gabelli are entitled to, should they convert all their Series A Convertible Preferred Stock). There is also a new position that GAMCO have reported in this recent wave of filings with the SEC: Peregrine Semiconductor Corp (NASDAQ:PSMI). Gabelli has acquired 1.69 million shares, which give him control over 5.03% of the company’s common stock.

Mario Gabelli

Like Gabelli, Ken Griffin also believes Bolt Technology Corp. (NASDAQ:BOLT) stock is poised to go higher and has upped his investment in the company by 55% during the second quarter of 2014. Citadel Investment Group reportedly holds 32,100 shares valued at $589,000. The same applies for Jim Simons – he has increased his stake in Bolt Technology Corp. (NASDAQ:BOLT) by 8% during the same period of time. Renaissance Technologies has reported ownership of 215,150 shares worth $3.95 million in its latest 13F filing.

A large number of funds that we track have recently initiated stakes in Medical Action Industries (NASDAQ:MDCI), with AQR Capital Management being one of them. During the second quarter, Cliff Asness has built a position that amasses 181,800 shares valued at $2.5 million, as reported in the fund’s latest 13F filing. John Orrico is also bullish on this stock, with his fund, Water Island Capital, reportedly holding 1.12 million shares worth $15.3 million. Jim Simons is another hedge fund guru who is optimistic about the prospects of Medical Action Industries (NASDAQ:MDCI), having boosted his investment by 82% during Q2. Renaissance Technologies currently holds 135,500 shares valued at $1.86 million.

Mario Gabelli is the only investor that we track, who has invested in Sevcon Inc (NASDAQ:SEV). On September 26, the company announced the payment of the first semi-annual dividend on its Series A Convertible Preferred Stock. On October 15, holders are to receive $0.09 per share, the rate being equal to 4 percent per annum of the stated value of $24 per share.

Daniel Gold is betting big on Peregrine Semiconductor Corp (NASDAQ:PSMI), having also increased his fund’s stake in the company by 7% during Q2. His fund, QVT Financial, reportedly holds 1.13 million shares worth roughly $7.74 million. Jeffrey Moskowitz is a fan too, having initiated a position for his fund, Harvey Partners, during the same period of time. In its latest 13F filing, Harvey Partners has reported ownership of 245,000 shares worth $1.68 million.

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