Blackberry Ltd (BBRY)’s CEO Has His Mind Set in Making a Comeback for the Company

The company’s CEO is determined on making smartphones work for Blackberry Ltd (NASDAQ:BBRY) and told the BBC News that he is will let the market decide if the firm should continue to make smartphones.

BlackBerry Ltd (NASDAQ:BBRY), BBRY

“We will be a force in the handset business, I don’t doubt it, but it will take some time to create some new technology. We delivered four handset products in the last 12 months,” John Chen stated.

BBC’s reporter, Rory Cellan-Jones said to Blackberry’s CEO that looking at technology history, companies that goes out of fashion is very rare for it to make a comeback. To which John Chen replied:

“I’ve seen some, not a lot. It’s a difficult turnaround, I would agree with you on that. But fourteen or fifteen years ago in my last company that does database that I turned around, people said the same thing to me.”

Even though the company’s sales have been decreasing more each year, John Chen is strong-minded about accomplishing a great turnaround for Blackberry Ltd (NASDAQ:BBRY) to make it a competitive company in the smartphone market once again. The CEO knows the firm’s strengths and is resolute about making them the main focus of the company’s comeback.

“Our software and security and encryptions are the strength of the company. Big part of our turnaround has to rely on that , no question about that. We have to be able to grow our software business and grow our security business, there’s no question about that. I wouldn’t give up handset so easily,” Chen said.

When Rory Cellan-Jones asked that there might be a possibility that in a few years time the CEO is going to have to forget about making devices and focus all the company’s energy on making software.

“It’s a little bit of a speculation at this point. I would say yes, you know, for my shareholder nothing is secret,” the CEO stated.

Blackberry Ltd (NASDAQ:BBRY) was the pioneer in creating and developing smartphone devices since 2003 and it maintained its momentum for a couple of years but as competitors continue to grow and develop hardware that has been more appealing to consumers, the company’s sales continue to decrease year after year. The company’s CEO feels very optimistic about making Blackberry become a market leader with the launch of the Blackberry Leap and the launching of three other smartphone models before the end of this year as he stated in the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona earlier this week.

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