Billionaire Nelson Peltz’s Top 5 Stock Picks

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Below you can find billionaire Nelson Peltz’s top 5 stock picks. For our detailed discussion as well as a more comprehensive list please see Billionaire Nelson Peltz’s Top 10 Stock Picks.

5. The Wendy’s Company (WEN)

Known to be a holding company, The Wendy’s Company is home to the other famous fast-food chains in the world. It owns the outstanding shares of Wendy’s, Baja Fresh, Pasta Pomodoro, and Arby’s. With a market capitalization of $4.662 billion, it can be said that The Wendy’s Company is one of the largest in the restaurant industry.

According to Wendy’s, “In 2020 and beyond, we will maintain and advance our Good Done Right approach by engaging and empowering our team members, championing new strategies with our suppliers and bringing our customers and stakeholders along with us on this journey. This will include strengthening existing initiatives and launching new ones to enhance our approaches to food, people, and our footprint. Our aspirations to be a leader in the restaurant industry don’t just apply to the food we serve. We also aspire to be a best-in-class employer and a dedicated member of the community. To support our launch of breakfast across the U.S., our system expects to hire more than 20,000 new team members in 2020. The Company has also continued its focus on diversity and inclusion. As our system grows, we want Wendy’s to continue to be a great place to eat and a great place to work.”

The Wendy’s Company currently represents a 9.81% allocation inside Nelson Peltz’ portfolio. He has 26,630,629 shares of WEN that is valued to be $593,863,000.

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