Billionaire Izzy Englander Betting On A Surge In These Utilities Stocks

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Millennium Management is a privately-owned hedge fund established by Israel Englander in 1989. The investment management firm employs a global multi-strategy investment approach by engaging in a multitude of trading and investing strategies. Englander’s fund is one of the most famous in the world, and is well-known for its unique model which represents a mix of strong risk oversight and over 150 detached trading teams. As stated by its most recent 13F filing with the SEC, Millennium Management oversees a public equity portfolio worth $52.87 billion. In the following article we’ll briefly discuss some of Izzy’s recent bets on the utilities sector. After thoroughly analyzing the most recent 13F filing, we identified three interesting moves made by Englander in relation to these companies in that sector: American Electric Power Co. Inc. (NYSE:AEP), PPL Corporation (NYSE:PPL), and Ameren Corporation (NYSE:AEE).

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Millennium Management reduced its stake in American Electric Power Co. Inc. (NYSE:AEP) by 789,217 shares during the second quarter, reporting ownership of 6.74 million shares as of June 30. Just recently, President Barack Obama and the Environmental Protection Agency announced the final version of the Clean Power Plan, which will surely have a major impact on American Electric Power in the future. AEP is one of the largest electric utilities in the U.S., so the company will be pressed to reduce carbon dioxide emissions by 2030. However, the Obama administration introduced the first draft of the plan last year, and it’s highly likely that the potential results or consequences of the Clean Power Plan have more or less been priced in already. Let’s not forget to mention that the shares of AEP have lost slightly over 5% since the beginning of the year. Glenn Russell Dubin’s Highbridge Capital Management acquired a 905,786 share-stake in American Electric Power Co. Inc. (NYSE:AEP) during the second quarter.

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