Billionaire George Soros’ Top 5 Dividend Stocks

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Below you can find our list of billionaire George Soros’ top 5 dividend stock picks. For a more comprehensive list, please see Billionaire George Soros’ Top 10 Dividend Stocks To Buy Now.

5. Aramark (NYSE: ARMK)

Soros Fund Management had used the dip in Aramark’s share price as a buying opportunity. The fund has first bought Aramark shares during the first quarter and added to its position during the third quarter. The dividend-paying stock currently accounts for 1.30% of the overall portfolio valued at $52.9 million.

The consumer discretionary company currently offers a quarterly dividend of $0.11 per share, yielding above 1.10%. In addition to dividends, investors can benefit from its share price gains. Aramark stock soared almost 25% in the last month alone amid improving future fundamentals. Social distancing policies and locks downs have impacted its financial numbers, but shares regained momentum on coronavirus vaccine discovery.

Moreover, its dividends are safe as cash flows are offering a complete cover to dividend payments. It has generated $146 million in free cash flows in the third quarter compared to dividend payments of $110 million.

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