Beazer Homes USA, Inc. (BZH), Annies Inc (BNNY): Three Homerun Stocks for Baseball Season

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Successful investing is one of life’s pursuits that lends itself to endless metaphors. Because of the competition and the emotional toll involved when putting real money on the line, I always find that sports metaphors are especially fitting. So with the baseball season in full swing and the market uncertain, it’s time for you to invest in some home-run stocks.

Annies Inc (NYSE:BNNY)

Home-run stocks, usually small-caps, offer the possibility of high reward for taking on high risk. Unlike low-risk “singles and doubles,” such as General Electric Company (NYSE:GE) or Pfizer Inc. (NYSE:PFE), small-cap home-run plays can grow many times over, and transform your portfolio.

Here are a few potential home runs you should look at right now.

Hopping around the base paths

Annies Inc (NYSE:BNNY) is a natural  and organic food company that is at the forefront of a monster trend. This company, which you may know by its “bunny logo” brands like “mac n’ cheese,” makes many convenience foods, healthier. Annies Inc (NYSE:BNNY)’s gives customers access to organic frozen pizzas or macaroni, all at the local neighborhood market.

Regardless of whether you think Annie’s is a good investment here, you have to like the trend. Look around, fellow Fools — soda sales are declining every year in the U.S. and fast food giants are cannibalizing themselves, all while healthy eating names are experiencing hyper growth.

American’s are becoming more health conscious, but they still love their convenience, and that’s where Annie’s comes in.

The consensus analysis estimate is for earnings to grow over 20% for Annie’s, and to increase each of the next three years. Returns on equity come in at a whopping 34%, and revenue is growing at 16%. The numbers, and the super trends, are in Annies Inc (NYSE:BNNY)’s favor so the big test will be how the company handles the next leg up the growth ladder. Annie’s cash position dropped precipitously from 2011 to 2012, partially due to a frozen pizza recall but also (largely) to support growth. Now that hyper-growth is here, we’ll have to see how Annies Inc (NYSE:BNNY)’s handles increased costs and competition. The next year will be crucial, but I think Annies Inc (NYSE:BNNY)’s offers more than enough reward to be worth the risk.

Ignite your portfolio

Nothing goes better with baseball metaphors than some good eating, so let’s stay on this restaurant theme and look at another small-cap grower: Ignite Restaurant Group Inc (NASDAQ:IRG).

Ignite Restaurant Group Inc (NASDAQ:IRG) is a holding firm that owns and operates Joe’s Crab Shack and Brick House Tavern. The company also recently acquired Romano’s Macaroni Grill. I like Ignite Restaurant Group Inc (NASDAQ:IRG)’s diverse portfolio of seafood, Italian, and a “Hooters-esque” pub (Brick House). These great brands have led Ignite to grow earnings 25% this year, and 30% is projected next year, along with double-digit revenue growth.
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