Barry Rosenstein and Jana Partners’ 5 Top Stock Picks

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Below are Barry Rosenstein and Jana Partners’ 5 top stock picks. For a comprehensive list please see Barry Rosenstein and Jana Partners Top Stock Picks.

5. Bloomin’ Brands, Inc. (NASDAQ: BLMN)

The restaurant chain Bloomin’ Brands, Inc. (NASDAQ: BLMN) is the fifth-largest stock holding of Jana Partners’ stock portfolio. The investment accounted for 6.61% of the overall portfolio at the end of the latest quarter.

Although shares of the restaurant chain rebounded in the past few months, the stock price still fell 14% in 2020. Its third-quarter revenue of $771.3 million plunged 20.2% year over year in the September quarter.

The future fundamentals of Bloomin’ Brands improved significantly after the coronavirus vaccine discovery. This is clearly reflecting in the share price recovery of almost 30% in the last two months.

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