Arian Foster Stock: How to Buy Shares of an NFL Running Back

Arian Foster stock: You will eventually be able to purchase shares in an NFL running back. In an SEC filing issued today, Fantex Brokerage Services revealed that it has paid $10 million to Houston Texans’ running back Arian Foster to receive 20% of his future “brand income” that includes contracts and endorsement deals.

Fantex added that it would create a tracking stock on its share in Foster, titled Fantex Series Arian Foster.

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Is the ticker BEAST taken yet? A few other ticker suggestions:

ZEN (he is infamous for his Namaste bow after scoring a touchdown)

TD (he’s scored 52 touchdowns in his 5 year career)

TEXN (Houston Texans)



PHILO (he was a philosophy major in college and is a pretty good poet)

And furthermore, will the stock rise in anticipation of Sundays where Foster gets soft matchups against the Rams and Jaguars? These are all not just fantasy football questions anymore, but serious investment inquiries.

Here’s a look at the SEC filing disclosing Arian Foster’s journey to a publicly tradable security:

SEC FORM S-1/Arian Foster-Fantex

Disclosure: I do not own Foster on my fantasy team