Are MGM Resorts Having the Expected Success in 2019?

With 48 different hedge funds together under the MGM Resorts umbrella, many people expected this to be a successful 2019 for them. Have they had the success that many people predicted right now? We take a look at their position, what different people have been saying and a general overview of what has been happening over the past few months with their stock and how companies are viewing it.

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Going back to MGM Resorts and hedge funds are in an optimistic mood about their future right now. The new total for bullish hedge fund bets on MGM has increased by 13 in recent weeks, which can only be seen as good news for them and a big boost as far as their reputation goes, which of course counts for a lot in this field.

The reputation of hedge funds being shrewd when it comes to investing is no longer as strong as it once was, and some people have spoken about their concern for this. Between 1999 and 2016, large-cap stocks have failed to beat the market by huge margins, which is a worrying sign for hedge fund investors.

However, it isn’t all doom and gloom, an advanced select group of hedge funds have shown the ability to outperform the markets by 40 percentage points since May 2014. There have however also being some underperformers tracked, and these have lost 27.8% since February 2107. When you think of these two alternatives and see what figures they have given us over the past few years you can see why many believe hedge fund sentiment is a very useful indicator, and one that investors in the market should be making note of and using to their advantage.

There is a divide in opinion when it comes to what the Dow will do in the near future, with the largest US hedge funds convinced that it will soar, while smaller ones believe that a crash is coming very soon.

How Have the Hedge Funds Been Trading on MGM Resorts?

As we approach the end of 2019, things are looking up for MGM Resorts. They have a total of 48 hedge funds tracked at the moment who were high on their stock and bullish about the future. This was as much as 37% different when you compare the figures to those in the middle of 2019 that we took from the third quarter of the year.

The largest shareholder of MGM Resorts is Corvex Capital, they have a stake worth $570 million. They also have a big advantage over the second biggest shareholder which is Canyon Capital Advisorse and their $313.8 million valued stake.

Many others were also very keen on the MGM Resorts stock, with Point72 Asset Management, Blue Harbour Group and Two Sigma Advisors also showing a real interest and liking. This is so much so that the Blue Harbour Group have now become one of the largest hedge fund holders inside MGM Resorts.

When it comes to portfolio weight, it should be no surprise to see Corvex Capital allocated the biggest weight to MGM Resorts. They have around 28.25% of its portfolio. Land & Buildings Investment Management were also very bullish on the MGM stock, and they have backed that up by designating 9.19% of its equiy portfolio to MGM Resorts.

The future looks to be bright, with plenty of key movers being very confident with their position within MGM Resorts, and if you look at that then you have to agree that MGM Resorts are having the expected success as we come to the end of 2019.

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